Sheila Baker

Nice to Have Around

Graceful, photogenic housewife is SHEILA BAKER and very nice indeed to have around the place. For what more could one want in any wife as pretty as Sheila and with culinary talents that would win approval from Mrs. Beeton herself?

This is Sheila’s favourite cat, with big green eyes and long, long whiskers. Maybe it’s nice to have a cat around, too, but if we were given a choice between one or the other it would be bye-bye moggie.

Helen Milligan

Field Day

A field day means you’re having a whale of a time with the whole place to yourself, or that you’re about ten years old and Ma and Pa have come to the school to watch you fall flat on your face midway through the 100-yard sprint. HELEN MILLIGAN was certainly captain of her college hockey team, but hers is the case of having a whale of a time when the farmer had gone to market, and though she wasn’t dressed to play around with a lot of old fuel drums she does look cutely leggy, and those boots are real gear, what? These Scots girls pack a really devastating impact.

Sarah Marsden

Among The Bric-A-Brac

Quite close to Portobello Road in London lives SARAH MARSDEN, textiles salesgirl.

The Portobello Road is famous for its market, which specialises in stalls loaded with antiques valuable and useless, cheap and dear. Many a fantastic find has been made there by antique collectors with an eye for a true bargain.

Sarah has such an eye. She can see through any old white elephant and has acquired a quite valuable collection of Victorian bric-a-brac and Victorian clothes. She also has a flair for old china dolls.

We went off china dolls, old or new, when we first discovered that girls were living, breathing wonders. Sarah is our idea of a living, breathing wonder of today, and anytime she'd like to entertain us among her bric-a-brac we'll do some research on Victorian knockers and have a lovely antique conversation with her.

Kim Scott

Home For A Day

It had been a busy year for KIM SCOTT.

Kim is an airline stewardess and it had been all go from January to December. She seemed to have hardly touched ground. It was lovely for the passengers as few stewardesses can serve coffee as engagingly as Kim, but for Kim it was definitely all go.

But we managed to catch her when she was home for a day.

In her flat in Middlesex, not far from London Airport,

Kim spent the day being all domestic.

It was all go again.

One day Kim is going to retire and put her feet up for a year. Anyone like to spend the time running around for her?

Tina Ryatt

Getting Down to It

Gorgeous girl with the sweeper is beauty queen TINA RYATT.

 Cute in her waisted petticoat, Tina isn’t just an ornament around the house she’ll take a hand with the chores any­time. Here on the right, for instance, she’s really getting down to it al­though we can’t think why she’s looking so surprised unless she can hear the patter of hobnailed feet up the chimney.

 We were wrong there. Tina was merely losing her balance. Well, that’s prefer­able to losing your head, as Charles I found out, for you can always do some­thing about a bruise. But once you’ve lost your head, what’ve you got left?

Tina is a Flintshire girl, with statistics of 36-23-36, is eighteen and has night black hair and big brown eyes.

Melanie Cooper

Take a Letter, Take Lots

We wanted to write some heavy stuff to a recalcitrant agent in New York, and MELANIE COOPER, an extremely charming Hampshire girl, offered her service as a shorthand-typist.

So, we dictated our heavy epistle and then we took a break. It was then we realised what unimaginative eggheads we'd be if we let it go at that. Melanie would go home.

"Take lots more,” we said, and we dictated letters to almost everyone we were on correspondence terms with, and any amount of people got letters concerning subjects they didn't know a thing about.

But it was a rainy afternoon and it was an exhilarating way of seeing it through.

June Palmer

More, Please!

In response to requests from fans smitten by the engaging fascination of June in a sweater, we have devoted this particular series to a white sweater trimmed with dark blue. June wears it with the confidence of a beautiful girl who knows she can do it shapely justice. There is, we feel, just enough sweater and just enough June.

No current model is more popular than lovely JUNE PALMER, and not only on account of her beautiful brown eyes!

Elaine Taylor


Natural golden blonde is ELAINE TAYLOR and you remember that story about the three bears, of course? You know, how Goldilocks went and ate up their porridge?

Elaine doesn’t eat porridge and she doesn’t actually know any bears— not by name, anyway— but if they ever made a film about it, she’d walk the audition.

Some berk is bound to hop in here with the comment that Goldilocks was only a little girl.

In which case, he’d be a completely hopeless berk if he couldn’t see a grown-up Goldilocks would be an absolute whizz.

Elaine lives in Cardiff, and when the Welsh are independent perhaps they’ll put Elaine on their standards instead of the dragon. Then we’d all fly a Welsh standard.

Helga Hansen

Happy Helga

We know lots of vivacious girls. HELGA HANSEN is one of the most vivacious and certainly seems the happiest. It takes hardly anything to bring her out in lovely giggles.

We told her about the elephant that carried its own trunk off the transport plane and how the baggage men all went on strike, and Helga, over here from West Germany, thought it so funny that she simply rolled about.

She looked ever so lovely, what with her mini-dress and all.

She said how comical we were.

We told her to just keep rolling about.

Helga is perfecting her English. Personally, we wouldn't care if she only spoke Patagonian Gaelic. What's another language to a deaf ear when one's eyes are so stunned!

Amanda Jansen

Roadside Review

It was a lovely day, and even lovelier when Chumley pulled up beside the ravishing blonde.

"Ah, having a review of the works, what?” he said.

"I've already done that.” said AMANDA JANSEN, "and now I'm looking for the whatsisname to prop the car up."

"Got a flat, eh?" said Chumley.

"I beg your pardon?" said Amanda, who was proud of her 36-23-36 framework.

"Flat tyre." said Chumley.

"I hope you’re not going to get all mechanical.” said Amanda, ”I just thought I’d prop the whole thing up and then see what happens."

"Good idea,” said Chumley.

"Well, aren't you going to help me? Are you going to just sit there and look?” said Amanda.

"Sitting here and just looking,” said Chumley. "is my idea of a really lovely day.”

"You saucy devil," said Amanda and conked him with the whatsisname.

Amanda is a London model and you can see her swinging around the place and bringing stars to the eyes of high-powered diplomats carrying brief cases.

Mary Graham

Merry Mary

Girl with the bright smile is MARY GRAHAM, introduced to us by our Scottish photographer as one more bonny beauty from North of the Border. If ever we decide to emigrate we know for sure which direction we'll take. We shan't go as far as Greenland, for the Eskimo girls are too wrapped up in their igloos.

Just North of Edinburgh will be far enough. Not the least of the good things which originate in Scotland is the cute appeal of Scottish girls, and we’re all for appeal as cute as merry Mary’s.

New Home

VF SS Blog Use.jpg

Vintage Fetish has a new home! For those of you that have managed to find your way here and are reading this, thank you for persevering. I appreciate it may have been a slightly awkward path.

I have done my best to make sure all your old links work, but am aware that some may not - sorry for any issues that may cause.

The link for the new site is  Please update any favourites you may have.

Benefits I hope the new site will bring:

 ·      Quicker and easier for me to look after, meaning more time for me to spend on content.

·      Quicker to load - I hope! All tests so far show it is.

·      More tablet and mobile friendly, as more and more people are accessing the site this way.

The blog will continue as before, and I will do my best to populate it with some of the posts that are missing. Please do keep on with the comments and likes, it’s nice to see who is popular and your opinions on their underwear.

As things settle down, and I can see improvements, small changes will be made as you would expect. Please be patient as it takes time to get it right.

For all those who were regular buyers of eBooks and second-hand books. the eBooks will all be available within the next few weeks and will still be available to download instantly just as before. Second-hand books I am not sure about at the moment. If I do make them available it may not be until early next year or I may go down the eBay route, that has still to be decided yet.

I do have thousands of used books available though, so if there is something you are desperate for, then please get in contact with me.

Vintage Fetish

Tina Reynolds


One of our new discoveries is TINA REYNOLDS

Tina has already made our readers sit up and count the stars, which is the only way to counteract a tendency to fall off your bicycle.

She's twenty, five feet three and measures 36-24-35. She plays squash, badminton and table tennis, which is far better than just sitting at home drinking cocoa like so many of you do.

Cocoa-drinking is fine for all those hombres who plant cocoa beans, but what's it does for your appreciation of the finer things of life?

Look at Tina. She's all over glowing meta­bolism.

So, take your boots off and put your shorts on, Claude.

Marion Cleer

Home Girl

Poised very domesticatedly against her home background is MARION CLEER, which makes a bit of a change from pent-up dolls waving banners in aid of Germaine Greer or Bubbles Fortescue.

Bubbles Fortescue? Who's she when she’s got a train to catch?

Oh, just a woman mountaineer with a sense of grievance that it's only men who fall off Everest.

Our Marion quite likes men, really. They're not as brilliant as women, of course, but as a home girl Marion hopes one day to settle down with a fairly nice one. At present she's a secretary in Poole, Dorset, and her boss thinks the world of her. Naturally.

She's twenty-one, green-eyed and blonde, and as well as cook books she also loves horse-riding.

Gloria Gale

So Sweet

This was the first time we’d met Hampshire girl GLORIA GALE.

And we thought that if there was any girl sweeter than Gloria in her little home town, then we'd probably eat her.