Jackie Ross

Trendy Traveller

It was a long way from Manchester to London when salesgirl JACKIE ROSS set out for the big city. Well, it's a long way from anywhere when you have to walk. Passing the railway station Jackie thought she'd do it the easy way, so she bought a ticket and caught a train.

She met an awfully nice feller on the train. He shared a packet of biscuits with her. But when he said that his wife didn't understand him Jackie knew there was only one thing to tell him.

"I'm not surprised," she said, "you're all over biscuits crumbs."

Jackie came to London to find work as a model. She hardly needed to look because enterprising photographers found her first. Naturally, who could miss such a beautiful brunette with a figure of 38-24-37

Helen Jones

Awake, You Trojans

There's a modern Helen waiting for the Trojans to carry her off.


She made a revelationary impact at the last motor show. Helen of Troy herself couldn't have been more revelationary.

A London model with her eyes on a film career, Helen was delighted when they gave her a part in the film 'Love Variations'. She made an impact in that too. She lives in North London, she's twenty-one and unlike other swinging birds who like fast sports cars, Helen likes walking.

Walking is safer. Accompanying boyfriends can't run out of petrol on a ramble.

"But you can run out of steam," said one feller, "crikey, she can walk your legs right off."

Kitty Armstrong

Kitty, Kitty

A very curvaceous secretary is KITTY ARMSTRONG of Oxford, and if you think she gets whistled at by the students on her way to work each day, then you think dead right.

Knowing her name, some of them call, "Kitty, Kitty," and make purring noises. Kitty doesn't mind that. As long as they don't spring, she says, they can purr all they like. She's delightfully vivacious and oh what a shape. It adds up to 38-24-37, and every inch goes so well with her height of five feet seven.

No wonder the students purr.

And having seen Kitty for ourselves we had to tell her we thought one of them is bound to spring eventually. Then what?

"Oh, I scratch him to pieces and bite his head off," said Kitty, "because when I get sprang at I'm a proper little tigress."

Julia Wendon

Student of Medicine

Still studying hard at college is Yorkshire girl JULIA WENDON, and she's after a degree in medicine.

In between putting her nose to the academic grindstone of medicine, Julia engages in all the pursuits that keep a girl fit, like tennis, netball and squash — Squash?

Not your kind of squash, Harold. And then she also goes in for pursuits that keep a girl happy, like beauty competitions and dancing and glamour modelling.

Tell her that keeps me happy too.

Push off to Hastings, Harold, and get yourself one in the eye.

Jill Millward

On Another Day

On another day JILL MILLWARD was a showgirl. The footlights shone in her eyes every night and struck glitter into her beads and bangles. Clink went the bangles and pop went the beads. “Oh blow,” Jill would murmur, “there goes another one, they don’t sew them on like they used to.”

Then overnight Jill gave it all up. She put away her beads and bangles, her ostrich feathers and her ambition to play the lead in a fabulous musical. She became a children’s nurse.

But she still looks lovely and glam when she’s off duty.

Three’s a Crowd

Marie Graham, Eve Law and Nicola Taylor

Three always is a nice crowd when it's made up of MARIE GRAHAM, standing, blonde EVE LAW kneeling on the left and NICOLA TAYLOR on the right.

 The girls got together in a young wives' Club P.T. session, designed to keep one's shape shapely, and we snaked along and sneaked our photographer in to make a record of the proceedings.

 It was fun, really, and being really hospitable they gave him tea when he'd snapped his final shot.

Georgia West

Old Fashioned Look

Remember the days when the picture of a pretty girl alighting from a car caused twinkles to run up and down your vertebra?

Those were the days when stocking- tops would peep.

That's all over now. Pretty suspenders are seen no more. They're all wearing tights.

There should be a protest march. There may be nothing political about the issue, but we can think of other things. Like morale.

GEORGIA WEST takes us right back to those other days, but even so, as soon as she saw we were looking she went and put her tights on.


Elena Richter

The New Typist

There was a frankly dishy girl in the office that Monday.

It was the new typist, ELENA RICHTER.

All the men were quite fascinated because Elena had long and lovely legs and a brief and eye-catching mini-dress.

The office was in West Berlin, Elena being a German girl working her way up towards the position of secretary. She's blonde, blue-eyed and dedicated. A girl must have a career until someone terribly handsome and just a little bit rich comes along.

If the new typist in your own office wears a midi and is even more dedicated, that's your hard luck, of course. And office girls like Elena would only take your mind off your work and you'd miss all that promotion.

Bunny Goodrich (Louise Crawford)

Funny Bunny

We like a lovely bird with a sense of humour.

You can get a laugh a minute out of BUNNY GOODRICH, she's an absolute comic, and the things she says make old Gaffer Wallop spill his teeth into his beer. He doesn't mind what happens to his teeth, however, so long as his eyesight remains good.

Come the day when he can't get Bunny into focus when she's riding her bike and showing her lovely legs, then old Gaffer Wallop will be ready to wear glasses. He always said he wouldn't. But he will if it means missing Bunny on her bike or sunning it in her bikini. Bunny measures 37-24-37. No one should miss that.

Peggy Smith

French Maid

When PEGGY SMITH of Middlesex was working in France to perfect her French grammar, she helped out as a maid to one family. She got herself a very oo-la-la maid's uniform and the head of the family was utterly delighted with the result.

Not so Madame. She said either the maid would have to go or she would. The master thought about it, then made his decision. Madame, outraged, went home to mother. Mother sent her back. She arrived when Peggy was serving French sauce and looking delicious. Madame compromised and Peggy changed her oo-la-la uniform for a boiler suit, which wasn't half so pretty.

Jo Shrimpton

Take a Break

Housewife JO SHRIMPTON was fearfully busy.

There are always chores and they don't half keep a girl on the go. Jo, however, likes to take a mid-morning break. After all, what about that poor housewife who got so fatigued that she was sucked up by the vacuum cleaner?

Jo wasn't having that. So after a break for elevenses she took up a five-minute routine of physical re-orientation. A toning-up exercise. Knees bend and all that brisk stuff.

Looks lovely, she does, when she's at it.

She can cope with the insidious attentions of any vacuum cleaner after that.

Erica Reeves

Swiss Miss

Once upon a time there was a lot of yodelling going on around a mountain village in Switzerland, and that wasn't all. Most of the yodellers were trying to impress ERICA REEVES and the rivalry that went on made the mountains echo like one of those films done in sound spectacular, which make you leave halfway through.

Erica left it all behind to live in the quiet of Sussex. She's been here a few years now, works as a secretary in Brighton, and makes an utterly lovely Swiss miss when she's getting in or out of her car.

Sometimes you can hear a yodel or two around the Sussex Downs. Erica has quite a nice voice herself.

Christine Holmes

Yorkshire Beautician

In the town of Boroughbridge Yorkshire, CHRISTINE HOLMES works as a beautician in a store.

Well, some beauticians are kind of impeccably exquisite, so much so that they give you a feeling that you look a haphazard muck-up. Christine, however, is softly and charmingly exquisite and it's a pleasure to have her tell you how best to make your big ears look unnoticeable.

She's twenty-two, with vital statistics of 36-23-36, and is every Yorkshire man’s idea of paradise, if only he could get her to share a desert island with him.

Recently Christine has turned to photographic modelling in her spare time, and that's something we're fanatical about. Beauticians in glossy black-and-white.

Marie Graham

Not Just A Pretty Face

MARIE GRAHAM, is not just a pretty face. Some of you fellers couldn't care less if she had six degrees in the higher arts, because you all love a pretty face notwithstanding, like.

Even so, aren't you interested in the fact that Marie can do things to a car just as efficiently as you can?

Or are you more interested in just sitting back and watching her at work?

All right, don’t all shout at once.

Liz Moore

The Fact Is

Ah, we thought when we saw LIZ MOORE, we bet she's a girl who’s a rave in films, we bet she’s graced many a controversial screen epic where breath-taking psychological problems have only been made bearable by her scintillating presence.

The fact is; however, Liz is a sculptor. Nothing to do with films at all, even though we bumped into her at Shepperton Studios. Well, nothing to do with appearing in them. She works behind the scenes, doing her sculpting for screen sets with inspired talent and making a good job of it at the same time.

How would you like her to come up and sculpt a mermaid for your garden pond?