Bridget Kildare

Sitting Pretty

Sitting very pretty indeed is BRIDGET KILDARE, girl with very distinctive eye appeal in her black boots and brief mini.

Bridget makes a lovely secretary and if you know a more enchanting blonde to go with a desk and a typewriter you must be really living.

At five feet five with vital statistics of 36-23-36, Bridget must just about be everybody's idea of the perfect picture for the camera you had for Christmas.

Pinky Sands

Perky Pinky

This is another fairy story.

No matter how much television plays seek to befuddle you into believing there’s no such thing as a happy ending and that life for everybody is a lot of old boots, the fact is nice things do happen to people.

Princes and fairy queens and old harpies on broomsticks don’t play such impressive parts as they used to, but nevertheless, take the story off PINKY SANDS.

There she was, sitting home most nights and wondering what to do about life. Nothing fantastic ever seemed to happen and she couldn’t find a great deal of glamour in her typewriter, especially when it came to changing the ribbon.

Then a man who was photographing the bridesmaids at a wedding saw her looking long-legged and lovely among the guests and said, taking his eye off the bridesmaids so that they came out with their heads cut off, “You look like you ought to be a model, go and apply to an agency.”

So Pinky did just that and the agency said what a willowy wonder she was, and now Pinky rents a cosy little flat in town and is long-leggedly engaged in the glamour world of modelling. No wonder she’s perky.

Trudi Jackson

Pretty Personal

A most photogenic asset to the office is TRUDI JACKSON, who works in Bournemouth. She is the personal secretary of a high-class businessman there, and, yes, he does know how lucky he is.

Whenever another businessman calls, he makes Trudi hide herself, because he has a kind of quivering certainty that friends and rivals alike would not hesitate to grab this deliciously efficient wonder girl for themselves. Trudi is an absolute dream of efficiency at every secretarial chore, and when you add all that to her sex appeal, you've got yourself an asset indispensable to the sweet flow of business life.

Susanne Ferrier


If you're looking for someone nice to have around the home, you could consider wooing Scottish dolly SUSANNE FERRIER.

Susanne is a dream girl when it comes to being lovely to look at and useful to know. Not only is she bonny and bouncy, she's a naturally inventive and accomplished cook. And you do like your food, don't you?

"Well, yes, I do rather," said the first feller to knock, "and am I to take it that Miss Ferrier is eligible?"

Eligible for what?

"For taking home to meet mother and then to the altar."

You'll be lucky. She's already engaged. She's got a lovely feller and he's six feet tall.

"Oh, well, count me out, but I thought I'd ask."

Of course. We did say wooing Susanne could be considered. It just can't come to anything, that's all.

Sara James

See You At The Circus

It was Frank on the phone. SARA JAMES, Kensington dolly bird, was trying to sell him off the idea of becoming an elephant trainer. She thought he was too eligible to spend all his time with elephants.

"Okay, "said Frank, "listen. I'll try the trapeze, I often feel like flying about after a day selling insurance."

"No, don't do that," said Sara, "you'll only fall off."

"Tell you what," said Frank, "if I do fall off I'll pack it up and we’ll do a safari from London to Istanbul, how about that?"

"Lovely," said Sara.

"Agreed,” said Frank, "see you at the circus, then."

So, they met at the circus and the management let Frank try his trapeze potential. He fell off as soon as he got on. He was still dizzy when they went off on safari to Istanbul and after a whole day's travelling they were still going around Piccadilly Circus.

Sara got off at midnight and went to a club with Nigel.

A girl can only stand so much.

Lisa Linette

Cute Canuck

Girls all over the world are cute simply because they’re born that way, and you naturally allow for a few unholy errors or terrors. High in the rankings appertaining to those who are the cutest come the Canadian girls. Living as they do in that great, wild, untamed, pine scented, maple endowed land of forests and lakes, they’ve got something you can’t get in the atmosphere of the Mersey Tunnel, say.

There's LISA LINETTE, for instance.

Lisa is a dancer from Vancouver and besides being cuter is also much more fascinating than any of those engagingly playful bears that pop out at you from trees all over Canada. No, the Canadian bears are darlings, really, and breathtakingly huggable, but show us any grizzly who looks as cute as Lisa when doing up its garter, and we still wouldn’t believe you.

Lisa will be over in Europe in 1965, where she’ll dance her way round the old-fashioned capitals, and if you want to know what sort of shape to look for Lisa comes very curvily in a size of 36"-22"-36". Oh, and if you want to make any kind of a hit with her, remember that her hobbies are golf, ice-skating and music.

Elaine Stephens

Pigtails and Pep

When ELAINE STEPHENS was a leggy schoolgirl she used to find that the noisy boys wanted to tweak her pigtails and the nice boys wanted to carry her books. The barbarous ones only ever wanted to kiss her.

Elaine, all grown-up now. still has her pigtails—but no one pulls them anymore, and no one carries her books.

The barbarous boys who have grown into barbarous men are the ones who have remained in the picture, of course.

"The trouble is." says Elaine, "they still think Sunday afternoons are the time for them to come around and kiss me in the summer-house. What sauce!

When I was a schoolgirl. I’ll admit I did get kissed in the summer-house, but I never ever go in there now— except on Sunday afternoons."

Anne Mattingley

All Soaped Up

It's ANNE MATTINGLEY who’s getting herself into a lather over the household chores

Actually, Anne was doing very well until she slipped on the soap and ended up exactly where it most hurts. And where it was most wet.

All soaped up. Anne decided she might as well give her skirt its weekly tub.

Anne, a London typist, has more than one skirt, however. That doesn't mean she's rich, only well-equipped.

We like both skirts. So, does the milkman who spotted them on his way round to deliver the midday milk

Norma Gordon

Gang Awa

The fact is, sultry NORMA GORDON, Scottish beauty queen, was in the Highlands one day and over the border the next. Reason? She had a date with a handsome Yank—the kind of date she just couldn’t miss. The day before we took these photographs he proposed and the day after Norma went and married him. She kept it so dark we didn't even have time to buy her a blue garter to wear.

We should have guessed something big was cooking, for Norma was so absent-minded at this sitting she fell off the sofa twice. The fact that she came up smiling on each occasion should have given us an added clue. This whirling pirouette she executed for the sheer joy of it, and we still didn't realise why.

We presume that was because we’re not currently madly in love ourselves. Oh, youth—oh, springtime—oh, vanished vitality and aching backs. Oh, that lucky Yank.

Jan Newman

Story of a Dream

It was night. Well, it was all dark, anyway, and Fred was in bed. And solidly immersed in a dream about fishing boats.

When Fred is solidly immersed his mind is totally unimaginative.

Far removed from boats and fish is our kind of dream. Her name is JAN NEWMAN. She lives on the South Coast and is a sun worshipper. If, when you are deep in sleep, you can dream about a dream like Jan, then you'll have a far more sublime period of floating sub-consciousness than silly old Fred.

Don't ask us how.

Perhaps it's just a matter of artistic concentration and the right kind of night-cap.

Jan is a secretary, a richly corn-coloured blonde with the loveliest legs. If you like elegance, you whistle. If you like dumplings, go home to mother.

Sometimes even elegance takes a tumble. Still, it was entirely involuntary. Jan thought there was a chair there. Never mind, it does prove our point, that she really does have the loveliest legs.

Valerie Peters

Secretary At Work

Most secretaries are regarded as an indispensable part of that strata of commerce and industry which is responsible for high- powered organisation and administration. In case you find that vague or indefinable, it means secretaries are on a higher plane than the girl who pushes the tea trolley round, and rightly so. Most secretaries are beautiful as well as efficient. This is because there are few men so dull as to settle for efficiency alone.

Most secretaries who are beautiful as well as efficient also possess a much more glamorous look than most fashion models. This is because most models are miserably skinny, poor dears, and most secretaries elegantly and naturally curvy. A typically beautiful, efficient and elegantly curvy secretary is VALERIE PETERS of Hornchurch, Essex. We couldn’t show you Valerie at work in her office as we couldn’t get our tripod through the front door—there was a big, upstanding commissionaire in the way.

But Valerie at work in her own home on a warm day makes a delightful alternative to Valerie at work behind her desk. It may not have the atmosphere of that upper strata of commerce and industry, but we don’t care—do you?

Maria Nicole

London Views

MARIA NICOLE, seen as just about the best view in her Kensington home. Maria, a French girl, was educated in a convent near Paris, and now works as a courier in a London travel agency. It's all go, showing tourists the sights of London, but for Maria it's also fun.

Cheryl Peters

Our Kind of Cook

One of the more talented attributes of CHERYL PETERS is cooking. She can tempt even the most jaded gourmet with her recipes, and there was one feller who fell down in a fit of ecstasy when he entered her kitchen and came up against the heavenly aroma of asparagus-and-cheese-pie. He could have died from sheer bliss on the spot, but it wasn't as aesthetic as all that, so he got up and ate it.

Ann Milligan

Seeing’s Believing

It’s just a case of ANN MILLIGAN being too dreamy to be true, but when we took the camera along to find out what impression the lens got of her we found out something else as well— Ann is an absolute picture. Every look, every line and every curve is true.

Carol Catkin

Bachelor Girl

Very cosily at home in her new apartment in London is CAROL CATKIN. Carol is a bachelor girl with her eyes set on a modelling career.

This doesn't mean she turns a cold eye to men. There's nothing about Carol that wants to be liberated. Her idea of the blissful best of both worlds is a career to keep her vital and occupied during the day, and a fascinating man to keep her entertained during the evenings.

The thought of dining out by herself makes her throw a fit.

"Men are so useful," she says earnestly, "they can order the wine and boss the waiters about. They can see you safely home—after they've paid the bill, of course—and they don't mind a bit if you have to poke them in the eye on your doorstep. They like that, it tells them you're a nice girl. How dreary if you had to go out with another girl. I mean, who’d pay, for goodness sake?"

Isn't she a lovely bachelor girl?