Helen Milligan

Field Day

A field day means you’re having a whale of a time with the whole place to yourself, or that you’re about ten years old and Ma and Pa have come to the school to watch you fall flat on your face midway through the 100-yard sprint. HELEN MILLIGAN was certainly captain of her college hockey team, but hers is the case of having a whale of a time when the farmer had gone to market, and though she wasn’t dressed to play around with a lot of old fuel drums she does look cutely leggy, and those boots are real gear, what? These Scots girls pack a really devastating impact.

Tina Ryatt

Getting Down to It

Gorgeous girl with the sweeper is beauty queen TINA RYATT.

 Cute in her waisted petticoat, Tina isn’t just an ornament around the house she’ll take a hand with the chores any­time. Here on the right, for instance, she’s really getting down to it al­though we can’t think why she’s looking so surprised unless she can hear the patter of hobnailed feet up the chimney.

 We were wrong there. Tina was merely losing her balance. Well, that’s prefer­able to losing your head, as Charles I found out, for you can always do some­thing about a bruise. But once you’ve lost your head, what’ve you got left?

Tina is a Flintshire girl, with statistics of 36-23-36, is eighteen and has night black hair and big brown eyes.

Veronica Holt

Twisting Time

Enjoying a break from housework to twist to the right music is VERONICA HOLT of Bristol.

Veronica is a gay girl, just twenty-one, Next comes dancing the “Twist” and horse over the downs.

We ought to point out, of course, that her number one craze is hubby—all the others are merely incidental recreations. And number one with her hubby is Veronica. Statistics that count with this gay wife are 35"-23"-36"—but even the gayest of wives needs a breather on the settee when twisting time comes to an end.

Sylvia Martin

Modern Jazzer

Very accomplished dancer to modern jazz is SYLVIA MARTIN of North London, and we can't say fairer than that without getting caught up in an extravaganza of completely dizzy jazz.

Sylvia has been around, dancing with a troupe in most of the European capitals. In Rome she met a fanatical Italian count. Well, he called himself a count and Sylvia called him fanatical. He followed her about and she could hardly go anywhere without Fatimo popping up in his dark glasses. He begged for her hand, he was handsome, engaging and rakishly suave.

” Marry me,” he kept saying.

"Look, stop following me about,” said Sylvia, "I'm not suited to be the wife of a count, I want to marry a footballer."

"So? I confess, then,” he said, "I am not a count, I am Guiseppe Fatimo and I play centre-back for the Italian grocers' team. Now will you marry me I”

"I can’t,” said Sylvia,” I’m madly in love with an English goalkeeper. Now will you go or do I have to push you off this sun roof!”

” You must push me off, my beautiful one,” he said.

Well, Sylvia thought that really was the best thing to do, so she did, and Guiseppe Fatimo didn't half feel it. When he woke up he had amnesia. He couldn't remember Sylvia but the nurse was so enchanting that he began to woo her very happily.

It was a nice ending, really, especially as the sun roof was only a few feet above the ground.

Pat Laird

Pat Belongs to Glasgow

IT was the late, lovable Will Fyfe who made Glasgow a proud city to belong to. It's bonny girls like PAT LAIRD who currently make it a city well worth a visit, for however interesting is its history and its architecture and its soccer giants, it's the girls who make it eye-catching. The kilt, alas, is seen only very infrequently.

Pat is a fashion model and this is the first time she has posed as a pin-up pet. If mannequins need long legs, so do pin-up girls. Pat qualifies in either case.

This fashion model's statistics of 36-23-36 work out just right for a pin-up girl, too. Carry on, Pat!

Denise Fleming

Room with A View

It’s not always the view from the window that makes a room charming. Sometimes, as in this case, it’s the view of the occupant — especially if the occupant happens to be DENISE FLEMING, a dark-eyed Scot with long and lovely legs.

Helen Baxter

Game & Set

Mad about tennis—and pretty hot at it, too—is HELEN BAXTER, lively and lovely Scots lass. Here Helen swings a nifty racquet to keep in trim, and Helen is a girl who looks good when she's in trim, for that adds up to the curvaceous outline of 39"-24"-38". And it doesn't alter whether she's playing a backhand or a forehand.

That dream of a shot sent the ball over the bank, and a climb over the bank is easier in shorts than frills—but you wouldn’t get a better picture. Helen is twenty-two and is all set to beat up her opponents in her local club tournaments.

In the mixed doubles we’d rather be with her than agin her—some guy is going to be lucky. But we’re sorry for those on the wrong side of the net.

Well, Helen is delightfully feminine, but if you stopped one of her overhead smashes between the teeth, your dentist would have one heck of a time putting your molars back in again. Isn’t the girl the bonniest lass?

Maggie McCully

Winter Frills

The background is Surrey in winter, the girl with the frills is cute MAGGIE McCULLY, the hat exclusive. What makes a better picture?

Maggie lives in Surrey herself, and is gay enough to do a little tree climbing in her best Sunday dress. She is a short-hand-typist who has just begun to do a little part-time modelling, and we must say that hat is as photogenic as Maggie herself.

There's a touch of old Ireland in that smile and a whisper of rustling nylon in the frills. Oh, to be in Surrey now that Maggie’s here!

A girl sitting on a tree is elegant when it's Maggie— and if the elegance looks somewhat disarranged when Maggie falls off, who could make the bump take on the same gaiety as she does?

In fact, Maggie turns the fall and the bump into a picture of a girl sitting pretty. Maggie’s vitalistics? 36-23-36.

Sara Scott

Very Neat

Tidy, too, are SARA SCOTT’S attractive frills as she sets about the morning chores.

This way (says Sara) I keep my hem dust-free and still look very much the glamour girl— I hope. After all, the days when we went around the house in a dust-cap and a sugar-sack apron are gone for good. A girl likes to feel she can wield a broom or a mop looking her best.

But what are you doing on the floor?

I belong (says Sara wickedly) to the domestic chorers trade union, which positively lays down rigid rules about taking a rest anytime we feel there’s a danger of wearing ourselves out.

Are you in danger of wearing yourself out?

Not I (says Sara). I’m too young to need the same amount of rest as most of us, but rules are rules and a girl wrapped up in her domestic chores has to stick to them, don’t you think?

All we think is that you look very cute.

Thank you. You’re not so bad yourselves, either.

Diane McCall and Jackie Leyton


Last time we introduced gay girls JACKIE LEYTON, and DIANE McCALL, and here we continue the series.

The liveliness of bright young things like Jackie and Diane is inexhaustible, and no doubt as bonny Scots they get all their energy from porridge. We’re not sure if Aunt Esther would be all that delighted about them jumping over the furniture, but as she’s at the local whist drive let ignorance be bliss.

Diane isn’t taking a rest on the floor. To tell you the truth, Jackie tripped her, and the floor just came up and hit the pretty brunette.

Fair’s fair. To even things up Jackie fell flat on her face. We missed the shot, thus saving Jackie a lot of embarrassment, and made do with this one instead. Well, it makes a gracefully leggy finale, don't you think?

Diane McCall and Jackie Leyton

When You’re Young Enough

When, in fact, you’re still in your teens like DIANE McCALL, and JACKIE LEYTON, you can jive all day and still have enough energy left to run for your bus. Frolicking to the record-player at home, Diane and Jackie first pin up those voluminous skirts.

You need to keep from tripping up over all those frills— besides which both Diane and Jackie are confident that in giving their legs plenty of room to skip around they’re showing off limbs pretty enough to catch any eye.

Jackie wasn’t quite sure where Diane was sticking this particular safety-pin, but she couldn’t get away even though she did start climbing.

At this stage our twosome were all set to catch up with the record, and a pretty pair of leggy lovelies they made on the second band.

To the question of where they'd got to at this stage they answered, “Where else but in the groove, man?”

Margo Gohlke


A beautiful redhead, Margo stands 5' 5" of nicely distributed curves at 36"- 22"- 35".

Up-and-coming young lady is a little like a modern Giselle.

Not really needing the hat to help her get ahead is Berlin-born model MARGO GOHLKE.

Jane Neman

Wakey – Wakey

Dover girl JANE NEMAN was doing nothing except getting a tan while she slept on a deckchair in the sun. Jane a window-dresser, deserves better than a deckchair.

Deckchairs are apt to be indiscriminate in their choice of victims. And before anyone could say “Hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy” poor Jane got the boomps and not the daisy. Well, at least it makes a pretty picture of Jane’s frills.