Jane Dixon

Luck of the Irish

They play that hurling game in Ireland. Everything flies about.

"Did that one hurt, Paddy?" asks O'Reilly.

"Me ears is still ringing, yer dirty scoundrel."

"Hard luck, me boyo."

Well, hard luck is what you get in that kind of game. But there are compensations, all to do with how things look after the game.

They look lovely. Ireland is full of colleens.

Here's one of them. JANE DIXON. Many a Paddy will walk ten miles to call on her and still be full of blarney when he arrives. Men of other nations could only ask hoarsely for water.

Jane, of course, recognises blarney as soon as she hears it. Many a Paddy, calling with a bunch of flowers and an invitation to the horse show, has had his foot caught excruciatingly in the door as Jane closes it.

"Oh, me foot!"

"Does it hurt, Paddy?" calls Jane through the mail-box.

"Like the devil himself, me darling."

"Hard luck, me boyo."

Even in Ireland you can't win them all.

Annabel Lane


A member of a dancing troupe is ANNABEL LANE.

She's twenty, she's trim, she's vivacious. She comes from the West Country, and that's a six-barred West Country gate she's perched on.

Her favourite listening is pop music, and she also likes horses, crisp autumnal days and fellers who can make her laugh.

Angela Frank

Studious Fraulein

West Germany is noted for its fair-haired frauleins, and any Briton who goes there just for the beer is exercising a very limited imagination.

True, dedicated beer drinkers don't profess to be highly imaginative in their solid art of bar quaffing, and in the opinion of many it only spoils the taste of the beer.

However, outside the beer halls of West Germany imaginative life does go on. Particularly around the universities. One West German student we're absolutely tickled to know is ANGELA FRANK. This is Angela.

Angela is eighteen, wears mini-skirts, midi-coats and lace-up boots, but for all her up-to-date gear she's no follower of any tearaway cult, she's a very serious student.

Like to take her out for a German beer sometime, would you?

So would we.

Kim Scott

Home For A Day

It had been a busy year for KIM SCOTT.

Kim is an airline stewardess and it had been all go from January to December. She seemed to have hardly touched ground. It was lovely for the passengers as few stewardesses can serve coffee as engagingly as Kim, but for Kim it was definitely all go.

But we managed to catch her when she was home for a day.

In her flat in Middlesex, not far from London Airport,

Kim spent the day being all domestic.

It was all go again.

One day Kim is going to retire and put her feet up for a year. Anyone like to spend the time running around for her?

Helga Hansen

Happy Helga

We know lots of vivacious girls. HELGA HANSEN is one of the most vivacious and certainly seems the happiest. It takes hardly anything to bring her out in lovely giggles.

We told her about the elephant that carried its own trunk off the transport plane and how the baggage men all went on strike, and Helga, over here from West Germany, thought it so funny that she simply rolled about.

She looked ever so lovely, what with her mini-dress and all.

She said how comical we were.

We told her to just keep rolling about.

Helga is perfecting her English. Personally, we wouldn't care if she only spoke Patagonian Gaelic. What's another language to a deaf ear when one's eyes are so stunned!

Tina Reynolds


One of our new discoveries is TINA REYNOLDS

Tina has already made our readers sit up and count the stars, which is the only way to counteract a tendency to fall off your bicycle.

She's twenty, five feet three and measures 36-24-35. She plays squash, badminton and table tennis, which is far better than just sitting at home drinking cocoa like so many of you do.

Cocoa-drinking is fine for all those hombres who plant cocoa beans, but what's it does for your appreciation of the finer things of life?

Look at Tina. She's all over glowing meta­bolism.

So, take your boots off and put your shorts on, Claude.

Nicola Taylor

Better and Better

Some models go off and get married, others get new jobs abroad and don't come back, and a few give everything up in favour of farming.

A very select minority keep at it and get better and better.

Like NICOLA TAYLOR, an always beautiful Hampshire model. Nicola gets better and better all the time. Don’t ask us how she does it so that you can pass the hints on to your wives or girlfriends, as it must be Nicola's own secret and probably wouldn't work with Nellie, anyway.

Now that summer's here you'll frequently find Nicola sunning herself on a beach at Bournemouth and getting a lovely golden tan nearly all over.

Marie Graham

Housewife in Two Minds

One of our favourite ideas of what a charming housewife should look like is MARIE GRAHAM.

Lately Marie has been in two minds. About her legs. Which are rather eye-catching. Are they to be sheathed in tights or stockings? Gad, that is a problem. Shall stocking-tops once more prevail or not?

And Marie can't get any real help from asking well-known experts like the milkman. All he says is, "Well, come round to the dairy and me and me mates will have a look."

"Honest, you aren't half cheeky," says Marie.

"Ah, well, it makes me bottle tops go round," he says.

Andrea Kay

What a Doll

Two fellers were waiting for the bus when ANDREA KAY walked by.

"What a doll," said one.

"I can't look round. I've got a stiff neck," said the other.

"You don't know what you're missing," said the first.

So, the second feller made a big effort and turned his head. His stiff neck clicked.

"Caramba, what a cure for seized-up neck muscles," he said hoarsely.

Andrea was tripping along, looking like the shapely epitome of corking dolly birds, and the second feller's eyeballs seized up, and when the bus came along he couldn't see for looking and fell all the way up the stairs.