Candy Norse

Miss American Legs

Don't let's get into any unnecessary arguments about this. Unnecessary arguments always make us come out in hot flushes and either we have to go and see a doctor or punch our way out of it.

The fact is, statistics prove that the women of all nations have equally good legs but the legs of American women are more equal, like. For many years a pair of American legs in a pair of American nylons made men fall off bridges all over the world. It was what came of not looking where they were going because they didn't care where they were going.

Miss CANDY NORSE of San Jose, California, typifies Miss American Legs and is an eye-shattering example of why those men fall off those bridges.

These, if you'll excuse the emphasis on limbs alone, are Miss Norse's legs. Lovely, aren't they?

She's a secretary in an advertising agency and is the Californian man's idea of how to make an office look like the best years of his working life.