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At last I have sorted all the books I have had boxed up. I have placed all the best of these up for sale here. The ToCo books are all complete, with all the others to follow over the next few months.

The other books, which are not of the highest grade but still quite collectable, I am placing up for sale on eBay in small lots. I have about 600 plus of these to sell over the next few months - not just ToCo, all sorts of different titles, although I plan to clear all the ToCo books first. This will be done over the coming months and I hope to have them all gone by late spring.

If you are interested in second hand books, then please do take a look to see what’s on offer. I have listed 90 copies of Spick today in lots of 10 books. 

For those who have been asking about the SRA books, the eBooks are coming next, with my excess copies to follow in a few months time.

eBay Link  All-Things-ToCo

New Home

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Vintage Fetish has a new home! For those of you that have managed to find your way here and are reading this, thank you for persevering. I appreciate it may have been a slightly awkward path.

I have done my best to make sure all your old links work, but am aware that some may not - sorry for any issues that may cause.

The link for the new site is  Please update any favourites you may have.

Benefits I hope the new site will bring:

 ·      Quicker and easier for me to look after, meaning more time for me to spend on content.

·      Quicker to load - I hope! All tests so far show it is.

·      More tablet and mobile friendly, as more and more people are accessing the site this way.

The blog will continue as before, and I will do my best to populate it with some of the posts that are missing. Please do keep on with the comments and likes, it’s nice to see who is popular and your opinions on their underwear.

As things settle down, and I can see improvements, small changes will be made as you would expect. Please be patient as it takes time to get it right.

For all those who were regular buyers of eBooks and second-hand books. the eBooks will all be available within the next few weeks and will still be available to download instantly just as before. Second-hand books I am not sure about at the moment. If I do make them available it may not be until early next year or I may go down the eBay route, that has still to be decided yet.

I do have thousands of used books available though, so if there is something you are desperate for, then please get in contact with me.

Vintage Fetish