Elena Richter

The New Typist

There was a frankly dishy girl in the office that Monday.

It was the new typist, ELENA RICHTER.

All the men were quite fascinated because Elena had long and lovely legs and a brief and eye-catching mini-dress.

The office was in West Berlin, Elena being a German girl working her way up towards the position of secretary. She's blonde, blue-eyed and dedicated. A girl must have a career until someone terribly handsome and just a little bit rich comes along.

If the new typist in your own office wears a midi and is even more dedicated, that's your hard luck, of course. And office girls like Elena would only take your mind off your work and you'd miss all that promotion.

Bunny Goodrich (Louise Crawford)

Funny Bunny

We like a lovely bird with a sense of humour.

You can get a laugh a minute out of BUNNY GOODRICH, she's an absolute comic, and the things she says make old Gaffer Wallop spill his teeth into his beer. He doesn't mind what happens to his teeth, however, so long as his eyesight remains good.

Come the day when he can't get Bunny into focus when she's riding her bike and showing her lovely legs, then old Gaffer Wallop will be ready to wear glasses. He always said he wouldn't. But he will if it means missing Bunny on her bike or sunning it in her bikini. Bunny measures 37-24-37. No one should miss that.

Lisa Linnette

It’s Great Out West

We don’t know how long ago it was when some knowledgeable American newspaper tycoon coined the phrase, ‘Go West, young man,’ It doesn’t really matter. It’s still the place to go to. As far west as Vancouver, for instance, the girls are gorgeous and apart from the one-track-minded prospectors who never think about anything but nuggets as big as their heads, what greater incentive is there to the young man than glamour?

For instance, meet LISA LINNETTE, Vancouver singer and dancer, lovely to look at and delightful to know.

Let’s face it. If the girls out west really are as gorgeous as Lisa, who wants to go anywhere else? To the young man already there we can only say we hope you know when you're well off.

Maureen Pike

Viva La Vista

Sweet and charming MAUREEN PIKE was admiring the vista in her Hertfordshire countryside when a round man with a square camera bumped into her. "So sorry!" he said, but there were no hard feelings on either side and Maureen, in fact, was delighted. She loves being in front of a camera. And at 5' 7' you can see how prettily she filled his lens.

Toni Kaye

What’s On?

T.V. viewer is TONI KAYE, who dresses informally for looking-in!

We haven’t got a clue what's on, but we share with Toni’s many admirers a feeling that, with Toni around, it can’t be anything that matters.

It turned out to be a short piece taken from Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, and these two pictures illustrate Toni’s concentration—not on the Concerto, which she switched off, but on the Yogi formula of lying diagonally from corner to corner instead of straight from North to South. What does it achieve? Somewhere the answer’s in the relevant book.

Toni’s a cabaret girl and they’ve got a spotlight which makes every inch of her 36"-22"-35" count!

Peggy Smith

French Maid

When PEGGY SMITH of Middlesex was working in France to perfect her French grammar, she helped out as a maid to one family. She got herself a very oo-la-la maid's uniform and the head of the family was utterly delighted with the result.

Not so Madame. She said either the maid would have to go or she would. The master thought about it, then made his decision. Madame, outraged, went home to mother. Mother sent her back. She arrived when Peggy was serving French sauce and looking delicious. Madame compromised and Peggy changed her oo-la-la uniform for a boiler suit, which wasn't half so pretty.

Jo Shrimpton

Take a Break

Housewife JO SHRIMPTON was fearfully busy.

There are always chores and they don't half keep a girl on the go. Jo, however, likes to take a mid-morning break. After all, what about that poor housewife who got so fatigued that she was sucked up by the vacuum cleaner?

Jo wasn't having that. So after a break for elevenses she took up a five-minute routine of physical re-orientation. A toning-up exercise. Knees bend and all that brisk stuff.

Looks lovely, she does, when she's at it.

She can cope with the insidious attentions of any vacuum cleaner after that.

Erica Reeves

Swiss Miss

Once upon a time there was a lot of yodelling going on around a mountain village in Switzerland, and that wasn't all. Most of the yodellers were trying to impress ERICA REEVES and the rivalry that went on made the mountains echo like one of those films done in sound spectacular, which make you leave halfway through.

Erica left it all behind to live in the quiet of Sussex. She's been here a few years now, works as a secretary in Brighton, and makes an utterly lovely Swiss miss when she's getting in or out of her car.

Sometimes you can hear a yodel or two around the Sussex Downs. Erica has quite a nice voice herself.

Christine Holmes

Yorkshire Beautician

In the town of Boroughbridge Yorkshire, CHRISTINE HOLMES works as a beautician in a store.

Well, some beauticians are kind of impeccably exquisite, so much so that they give you a feeling that you look a haphazard muck-up. Christine, however, is softly and charmingly exquisite and it's a pleasure to have her tell you how best to make your big ears look unnoticeable.

She's twenty-two, with vital statistics of 36-23-36, and is every Yorkshire man’s idea of paradise, if only he could get her to share a desert island with him.

Recently Christine has turned to photographic modelling in her spare time, and that's something we're fanatical about. Beauticians in glossy black-and-white.

Ninon Cerdan

Madamoiselle , Your Slip Is Showing

It can't always be helped, in this age of short skirts, long legs and low cars, many a girl has been a vivid enchantment to the male eye as she alighted from her auto in the high street.

When NINON CERDAN, Continental fashion model, asked to be put down at Henri Lavant's so that she could keep a hairdressing appointment, it was as much a pleasure as a courtesy for Henri to hasten forward and tactfully advise her that her slip was showing. Tactfully? What a fool.

Ninon had no alternative but to box the ears of the imbecile. Of course, her slip was showing. How could it not under the circumstances? But it was one thing for a lady to enchant the eyes of the passers-by and quite another for a fool of a man to mention the fact.

One looks but one doesn't say anything.

Except perhaps— “Ah, madamoiselle, you are looking lovelier than ever today."

Marie Graham

Not Just A Pretty Face

MARIE GRAHAM, is not just a pretty face. Some of you fellers couldn't care less if she had six degrees in the higher arts, because you all love a pretty face notwithstanding, like.

Even so, aren't you interested in the fact that Marie can do things to a car just as efficiently as you can?

Or are you more interested in just sitting back and watching her at work?

All right, don’t all shout at once.

Peggy O'Neill

What Went Wrong

Nothing, actually. If anything gives you the impression that it did, please forget it. It's nothing that isn't common between any girl and any car. They just don’t understand each other.

PEGGY O’NEILL considers she tries hard enough herself, and is convinced the car doesn’t try at all. Peggy is as Irish as her name, by the way, lives in Chelsea and is mad about odd-looking clothes.

The girl prefers dogs to cars. And she wouldn't be Irish if she didn’t think a horse could reach any place in front of any car.

"Sure, did you ever hear of a car that wasn't going where it shouldn't and getting there before it arrived?"

Vicki Munro


Quite enchanted by the modern craze for boots is Scottish lass VICKI MUNRO, trying hers out in the wintry lowlands to make sure they’re weatherproof. Vicki must be weatherproofed herself to look so happy in the cold outdoors! But there you are, Vicki is full of fun and would be an irrepressible tomboy if she weren’t such an undeniably attractive girl. Educated at a well-known public school for girls, Vicki is now a fashion model.

Ruth Cavendish

Real Cool

In modern parlance, the phrase they’d use for RUTH CAVENDISH would be real cool, because Ruth is representative of all the eye-catching characteristics for which our modern chicks are justly famous.

In case you don’t know, Ruth is a chief cashier at a Glasgow store, which is a cue for us to say she’s good at figures. Her statistics also count for something they add up to 38"-24"-38".

And she’s tops as a pin-up favourite.

Susanne Berger

In The Classical Mould

If you’re thinking of a classically typical German girl, then you’ve probably got your mind on a blue-eyed blonde.

Built very attractively in this classical mould is West Berlin secretary SUSANNE BERGER. You might also have a weakness for a dark-haired, flashing-eyed Italian girl, in which case your weakness embraces the best Europe can offer.

We can’t give you Susanne’s telephone number, but anytime you’re going to West Berlin you know what to look for. Golden hair, deep blue eyes and a lovely way of getting into a taxi. So, keep your eyes open for taxis and watch the fares and you never know your luck. Carry a bunch of flowers as Susanne dotes on bouquets.

But mind you don’t get a punch in the eye from her boyfriend. He’s got biceps of iron