Heather Brown

Heather For Luck

There's a saying that if you wear a sprig of heather it will bring you luck. If you wear a sprig of Scottish heather, it's said you'll never have the misfortune to fall into Loch Ness and be eaten by the monster.

Now then. HEATHER BROWN was on holiday in Scotland and she and her boyfriend were out in a boat. He was wearing a sprig of local heather. He fell in. Heather rescued him. "There you are," he panted wetly, "what luck, it didn't eat me."

"It wasn't there," said Heather, "this is Loch Lomond."

"Never mind," he said, "you're my best bit of real luck, if you hadn't been around you couldn't have pulled me out."

Heather giggled.

Marion McGregor


Very frisky indeed were the passing breezes on the day MARION McCRECOR took a trip into the country, catching her just at the crucial moment of climbing the fence.

Ah, well, it’s fun to be alive and what’s a fence or a frisky breeze when you're young enough to take both in your stride?

Camellia Tiran

Remember That Persian Garden ?

Perhaps you've never been to Persia. They call it Iran now, but it's the same place.

The poets and the songwriters used to write lovely things about Persian gardens. Well, here's a ravishing bloom straight out of a Persian garden. CAMELLIA TIRAN. She's been in England for quite a few years and at eighteen she's still blooming.

Camellia makes dresses and gives them all a touch of Persian enchantment, and if you know any nice concubines tell them they'll look exquisite in anything Camellia turns out. There's nothing like a bit of the old Persian enchantment to add lustre to a saucy Fatima.

Christine Norton

Lovely Learner

When we were young we thought we knew it all. We thought, as every generation thinks, that we were the ones who’d discovered sex. We forgot that when Shakespeare was young his generation discovered it too.

Not concerned with any burning questions which don’t concern her academic pursuits, CHRISTINE NORTON is a student whose spare time is fully taken up with intensive studying.

Now and again she does break out, however, such as when she entered the Miss Enfield beauty contest and delightedly found herself a finalist.

Other than that it’s pen and pencil-biting sessions over books and logarithms and what were the economic reasons that led to the French Revolution and why Lincoln was so passionate at Gettysburg.

It’s a lot to cram into the mind of any lovely learner when there is so much gay living going on elsewhere. Christine admits she sometimes wants to drop everything and go down to the river for a trip in a canoe. But if she wants to qualify as a linguistic secretary or as a junior executive on a woman’s magazine, she’s got to forget canoes and things.

Claire Peters

In the Money

It’s not like winning the pools and saddling yourself with a trunkful of fivers that you don’t know what to do with. (You all know how difficult it is to spend money when you’ve got such a lot of it).

You’re in the money in a different way when you’re handling other people’s cash, as CLAIRE PETERS does. Claire is a cashier and what a pretty one. You kind of fall into her green eyes and forget your change. “Sir—your change.”

“Never mind all that humdrum lolly—what’s your phone number?” Honestly, some people.

Diane Clarke

Window Shopping

Pay day was still a little way off so all that Middlesex beauty queen DIANE CLARKE could do was window shopping.

Still, that gives a girl as much pleasure as going into the shop and not making up her mind, anyway. Girls in shops look their prospective purchase over, murmur “Mmmm .. . yes ... it’s lovely . . . but I was looking for something different,” and the assistant stands first on one foot, then the other.

Diane saved all that fiddling about by just window shopping. She was able to fall in love with all kinds of items without making any assistant hop worriedly about.

As a matter of fact, Diane in her mini outfits looks much better than any-thing we’ve seen in any window.

Jane Paul

Personal Appearances

Nothing counts for more in the life of a film star than the rapturous acclaim of a bedazzled crowd, overflowing their own feet as each man and each woman shoves and pushes to get a glimpse of You-Know-Who. What we like is more a personal appearance, really, such as JANE PAUL always catches the eye with. Well-groomed, well-brushed, no stocking wrinkles, everything neat and clean and tidy and fab. Super-duper entrancing Miss Paul.

Marie Auge

Break for a Soufflé

When one is not only studying Chinese in a Paris university but also working hard in one’s spare time to earn one’s university fees, one needs the occasional break.

MARIE AUGE may not be able to afford a five-course lunch, even though there’s nothing that would give you greater joy than buying her one, but she has to eat.

During university recesses Marie works as a manicurist. At lunchtime break she likes a soufflé.

At a Chinese restaurant she knows in Paris they serve the most aromatic and fluffy soufflés. She orders in Chinese. It helps her with her homework. It seems a terrible waste dedicating oneself to Chinese, because there’s not much call for it except in China. Where’s China? Oh, sorry, Chairman Mao.

Anne Stewart

Secretary at Work

When she’s not doing six things at once for her boss —and chasing up the junior who makes the office coffee—lovely ANNE STEWART is doing odd jobs in her flat or sailing boats off the Hampshire coast or hacking over the Downs. As a secretary Anne is both beautiful and efficient, and as a wielder of a paint brush or a knocker-in of nails she’s no less beautiful and probably just as efficient. She’s a dab hand with a screwdriver and knows what she's doing with a brace and bit. As you lie in your deckchair, doing nothing but waggling your toes in the sunshine, aren’t you just a little mortified that you don’t even know what a brace and bit is?

Anne, by the way, loves to travel and is saving up to buy her own car for use on the next trip abroad she makes. There's hardly any need to mention that she’ll be able to do her own maintenance on the vehicle.

Nicki Stevens

Window Dressing

There’s nothing that decorates a window better than an indoor bloom of exotic colour. If you don’t go in for tropicana flora, however, but you do just happen to be having NICKI STEVENS to tea, you’ve got the perfect window dressing. A fascinating blue-eyed blonde, Nicki comes from Newcastle, lives in London and measures 37-23-37.

Tamie Scott

A Very Sporty Bird

Tamie is a secretary and the love of her life, apart from rugged men with a sense of humour, is her zippy little sports car, in which she whizzes around the Hampshire countryside with a great deal of nerve, verve and expertise.

No novice at the wheel is Tamie.

“You don't only need a sense of humour," said one rugged gentleman, “you need to know how to keep your head on round all the bends. It's all fast gear changes with Tamie, and that's racing stuff, boyo. Let her go, gal."

Tamie works in an office in Bournemouth and arrives every Monday morning looking glowing from all the fresh air of the week-end.

Kathy Jenkins

Well To Cut a Mini-Story Short

Yes, we don't want to go on at length about the mini-wear of KATHY JENKINS We just want to give you the brief details.

Kathy is a devoted fan of the mini and she was modelling her latest outfits in the green and brown woodland glade when a rabbit dashed by, followed a few seconds later by another.

“What was all that about?" asked Kathy.

“What a question," said the photographer. "Well, first of all I'd better tell you about the birds and the bees."

So, he began to expound, but he hadn’t got very far before everything went all dark. Kathy had hit him over the head with a small tree.

A girl just doesn't like being made a fool of.

Carole Marsden

How’s Your Temperature

Only a few months ago CAROLE MARSDEN was a nurse, brisk, bright and beautiful.

It was always dreamy to have her ask, “How’s your temperature?’’

And it was always on the cards that the man with the broken leg would answer. “I think it’s gone over the top.’’

Alas, the patients woke up one day to find those sweet confrontations with Nurse Marsden were over, for Nurse Marsden had left to become a model.

Carole transferred from Yorkshire to London, where she now lives and works. For escapism, she turns to music, both pop and classical. She’s also very fond of animals and will often take a neighbour’s dog for a walk. One day when she’s rich and famous she’s going to buy a penthouse and keep the loveliest little doggie she can find.

Lesley Lovell

Boxer Fan

You might think this means LESLEY LOVELL is dead keen on watching heavyweights commit mayhem.

Not so. It only means that Lesley’s favourite pet is not Billy Walker but her large Boxer dog. How that Siamese cat crept into the picture we don't know. Where’s Bodger the Boxer?

Miserable truth though it is we have to confess Bodger is allergic to cats. They give him the heebie-jeebies. But it doesn’t affect Lesley’s fondness for his funny face. Lesley, by the way, does display work, lives in Middlesex, is a tall blonde with lovely legs and has trim, streamlined vitalistics of 35"-22"-36".

Lisa Linnette

Legging it Downriver

It could be the story of the girl who lost her canoe, but it isn’t, its LISA LINNETTE of Vancouver who just likes a walk along the bank of the river and the occasional rock gives her a chance to rest her feet. It also gives us a chance to sneak up with our camera and show you what lovely legs Lisa has got.

Since Lisa is a dancer she’s bound to have lovely legs, and these allied to her cutely curving chassis of 36-22-36 make this eye-catching Canadian girl look just the kind we’d most like to be lost in the Rockies with.

Well, in that eventuality, it would be nice to know we could ask her to dance.