Claire Peters

In the Money

It’s not like winning the pools and saddling yourself with a trunkful of fivers that you don’t know what to do with. (You all know how difficult it is to spend money when you’ve got such a lot of it).

You’re in the money in a different way when you’re handling other people’s cash, as CLAIRE PETERS does. Claire is a cashier and what a pretty one. You kind of fall into her green eyes and forget your change. “Sir—your change.”

“Never mind all that humdrum lolly—what’s your phone number?” Honestly, some people.

Jane Paul

Personal Appearances

Nothing counts for more in the life of a film star than the rapturous acclaim of a bedazzled crowd, overflowing their own feet as each man and each woman shoves and pushes to get a glimpse of You-Know-Who. What we like is more a personal appearance, really, such as JANE PAUL always catches the eye with. Well-groomed, well-brushed, no stocking wrinkles, everything neat and clean and tidy and fab. Super-duper entrancing Miss Paul.

Karin Reali

Excuse Me

Caught with a slipped clip as she prepares to alight from her car is KARIN REALI, West German film starlet, wondering, like so many other girls, why nobody makes a car from which a lady may alight without a leg show.

Helen Baxter

Anyone Looking

It’s a bit of a problem when you want to change your dress in the back of a car, for there’s always the possibility that some knickerbockered bird watcher may be looking or so thought HELEN BAXTER.

And when you have changed, isn’t it just absolutely ridiculous to find your dress caught up in the car door and that tweedy-headed B.W. twittering at you over the hedge

Annette French

Beauty On The Bonnet

A well-polished car with all that gleaming chromium and the rest of the gear is just right as a subject for glossy photography, but if you need to gild the lily how about adding ANNETTE FRENCH to the picture?

You might be inclined to suggest the car is superfluous in that case, even if it’s a supercharged model, and in turn we’d be inclined to agree with you. For if you’re looking for the photogenic dream, what’s a chromium-plated bumper compared with a natural beauty like Annette?

Nicky Weston

Have Yen, Will Travel

Fashion and photographic model NICKY WESTON has one ambition above all others, and that’s to travel all over the world in her work. Nicky is just twenty and like so many fashion models can be seen adding glamour to the motor racing circuits. She also looks cool on a gee-gee, being uncommonly addicted to hacking.

Irene Oberzig

Tres Tricky

There was once a feller called Buck Upp who tried to drink a quart of beer out of a Christmas balloon but it blew up in his unprepared kisser and squirted light ale all down the neck of his hunting shirt.

There was also the girl in the skirt and Hungarian petticoats who said “I bet I can squeeze through a small hoop feet first in five seconds.” And she did but it took a lot longer than five seconds and she didn’t half look pretty.

People like to try things the tricky way, it’s a bit of a gamble that we all enjoy. For instance, the trickiest place in which to change a pair of nylons is the driving seat of a car. West Berlin fraulein, IRENE OBERZIG, tried it and proved it.

She could have gone into her office and used the powder room and changed in comfort, but no, in the tradition of Buck Upp and the man who tried to lasso an elephant with his braces, Irene used the front seat of her car. Oh well, they will do it.

What made her fall down afterwards?

It was all that cramp.

Jenny Price

What Lovely Lines

We’re so confused by JENNY PRICE, whose enchantment flows lyrically over us, that we can’t follow the lines of her car. Jenny, who has just about the nicest legs in Wales, can confuse the most clear-minded car fanatic.

Georgia West

Old Fashioned Look

Remember the days when the picture of a pretty girl alighting from a car caused twinkles to run up and down your vertebra?

Those were the days when stocking- tops would peep.

That's all over now. Pretty suspenders are seen no more. They're all wearing tights.

There should be a protest march. There may be nothing political about the issue, but we can think of other things. Like morale.

GEORGIA WEST takes us right back to those other days, but even so, as soon as she saw we were looking she went and put her tights on.


Erica Reeves

Swiss Miss

Once upon a time there was a lot of yodelling going on around a mountain village in Switzerland, and that wasn't all. Most of the yodellers were trying to impress ERICA REEVES and the rivalry that went on made the mountains echo like one of those films done in sound spectacular, which make you leave halfway through.

Erica left it all behind to live in the quiet of Sussex. She's been here a few years now, works as a secretary in Brighton, and makes an utterly lovely Swiss miss when she's getting in or out of her car.

Sometimes you can hear a yodel or two around the Sussex Downs. Erica has quite a nice voice herself.

Ninon Cerdan

Madamoiselle , Your Slip Is Showing

It can't always be helped, in this age of short skirts, long legs and low cars, many a girl has been a vivid enchantment to the male eye as she alighted from her auto in the high street.

When NINON CERDAN, Continental fashion model, asked to be put down at Henri Lavant's so that she could keep a hairdressing appointment, it was as much a pleasure as a courtesy for Henri to hasten forward and tactfully advise her that her slip was showing. Tactfully? What a fool.

Ninon had no alternative but to box the ears of the imbecile. Of course, her slip was showing. How could it not under the circumstances? But it was one thing for a lady to enchant the eyes of the passers-by and quite another for a fool of a man to mention the fact.

One looks but one doesn't say anything.

Except perhaps— “Ah, madamoiselle, you are looking lovelier than ever today."

Peggy O'Neill

What Went Wrong

Nothing, actually. If anything gives you the impression that it did, please forget it. It's nothing that isn't common between any girl and any car. They just don’t understand each other.

PEGGY O’NEILL considers she tries hard enough herself, and is convinced the car doesn’t try at all. Peggy is as Irish as her name, by the way, lives in Chelsea and is mad about odd-looking clothes.

The girl prefers dogs to cars. And she wouldn't be Irish if she didn’t think a horse could reach any place in front of any car.

"Sure, did you ever hear of a car that wasn't going where it shouldn't and getting there before it arrived?"

Shirley Holden

Shirley Forgot the Sugar

Scots girl SHIRLEY HOLDEN loves cars and also has a weakness for horses, carrying lumps of sugar around for all the noble nags in the neighbourhood. We regret that on this occasion she forgot, which is why we had to concentrate on Shirley and not the gee-gees.

Patsy French

Absolute Bliss

There comes a time in the life of the happy bachelor when he's willing to relinquish the wheel to a girl.

When Monty took off for a country inn with PATSY FRENCH, he realised he could only enjoy the view of the road. What he had in mind originally was a lunch of bread and cheese and pickles with Patsy, but halfway there he decided bread and cheese and pickles may be the staff of life but they don't represent absolute bliss.

Bliss absolute can be the Beatles or Tom Jones or Elvis Presley, or even a Chopin melody on a grand piano. To Monty it was a view of Patsy in the driving seat. So he stopped the car and gave her the wheel.

What a vision. What a driver.

It mattered not that she drove up hills in top gear, took corners on one wheel and parked the car so that he couldn't get out on his side. Patsy in the driving seat was absolute bliss and so were the pickles.