Joyce Matlock

Time To Spare

Housewives don't have much time to spare, especially those who, like JOYCE MATLOCK, hold down an office job as well.

But if you're as efficient as Joyce, there's always time to spare, time to wander around the Worcestershire countryside and take in all the relaxing quiet of undisturbed rurality.

And time, too, to pose for her photographer, who's never too busy himself to miss capturing her image for posterity.

Joyce is twenty-four, loves dancing and thinks we could do away with national crises if we sent all the politicians on package tours.

On some package tours these days it's difficult to get back.

Susan Whiddon

Plymouth Is The Place

Plymouth is where SUSAN WHIDDON resides, so Plymouth is the place for any feller who wants to play the part of a devoted fan and pop flowers into her letterbox once a week.

Susan and her hubby came down from the North to live in Plymouth, and the place perked up no end when she arrived. It’s a fair and attractive city in any case. It's even better looking now.

Susan likes reading, dancing and sunning herself in her bikini. Her husband likes Susan. What a sound and sensible feller.


Yoo-Hoo, Lulu

They ran the Derby at Epsom not so long ago and everyone got quite worked up. The runners went so fast that the only way of finding out how many were in the race was to count the legs and divide by four.

 One of the Epsom visitors was international singing star LULU.

 The cameramen caught her on the rail in her K.O. hot pants. Lulu just projected a lovely smile and they all said, "Good on you. Lulu, you're even more photogenic than the gee-gees."

 "I bet you say that to all the girls," said Lulu.

Amanda Christian

Say Hello

Say a nice hello to a nice girl—AMANDA CHRISTIAN. Amanda is a honey blonde with big blue eyes and it doesn’t take her any time at all to make men goggle—she’s appeared in colour in BBC 2 documentaries. Ten seconds of Amanda in gorgeous colour and we’re all goggling. She's also a freelance showroom fashion model.

Deirdre Vascoe

Girl of The Future

If you want to keep in touch with the fascinating world of the future, take a look at future-minded DEIRDRE VASCOE.

Deirdre reckons she's just masterminded the simplistic everyday outfit of the future. There'll be no such things as cold temperatures and wet rain to worry about, and girls will just wear boots, futuristic tights and what you might call half a pair of knickers.

Anyone for Mars?

Jackie Ross

Trendy Traveller

It was a long way from Manchester to London when salesgirl JACKIE ROSS set out for the big city. Well, it's a long way from anywhere when you have to walk. Passing the railway station Jackie thought she'd do it the easy way, so she bought a ticket and caught a train.

She met an awfully nice feller on the train. He shared a packet of biscuits with her. But when he said that his wife didn't understand him Jackie knew there was only one thing to tell him.

"I'm not surprised," she said, "you're all over biscuits crumbs."

Jackie came to London to find work as a model. She hardly needed to look because enterprising photographers found her first. Naturally, who could miss such a beautiful brunette with a figure of 38-24-37

Christine Holmes

Yorkshire Beautician

In the town of Boroughbridge Yorkshire, CHRISTINE HOLMES works as a beautician in a store.

Well, some beauticians are kind of impeccably exquisite, so much so that they give you a feeling that you look a haphazard muck-up. Christine, however, is softly and charmingly exquisite and it's a pleasure to have her tell you how best to make your big ears look unnoticeable.

She's twenty-two, with vital statistics of 36-23-36, and is every Yorkshire man’s idea of paradise, if only he could get her to share a desert island with him.

Recently Christine has turned to photographic modelling in her spare time, and that's something we're fanatical about. Beauticians in glossy black-and-white.

Marie Graham

Not Just A Pretty Face

MARIE GRAHAM, is not just a pretty face. Some of you fellers couldn't care less if she had six degrees in the higher arts, because you all love a pretty face notwithstanding, like.

Even so, aren't you interested in the fact that Marie can do things to a car just as efficiently as you can?

Or are you more interested in just sitting back and watching her at work?

All right, don’t all shout at once.

Ann Jameson

Mini Motif

Paris may have decreed that hemlines will become longer and longer, but gay leggy girls like ANN JAMESON, London fashion model, are going to fight that decree on a blow-by-blow basis.

The first blow Ann struck was to turn out in her itsy-bitsy mini, which was just about the briefest in town.

It was so brief that Mr. Jarvis Parkinson thought she was wearing a long-sleeved blouse and had forgotten her skirt. With the faintest tinge of embarrassment, he drew Ann aside and said. "Er-pardon me, Miss er-urn-’’

"I'm not Miss Er-Um," said Ann, “I'm Miss Jameson."

"Well-um-pardon me. Miss Jameson, but I wondered-er-if you knew-well, um-the fact is- “

"You’re very kind," said Ann. "but what I don't know I don’t worry about. Ignorance is sweet bliss, isn’t it?"

“Your wonderful, “said Mr Parkinson, “and I just hate having to leave you. but I’ve got a train to catch."

Beautiful Britons No 167 – October 1967

Vicki Ashley

More Before

Final last fling before the camera before she went off to Australia resulted in more pics of VICKI ASHLEY, and these are some of them.

Very popular as a photographer's model in England, Vicki should do more than well in Australia. She'll show up more in all that hot, bright sunshine and there won't half be a rush for front seats.

What front seats?

On the quayside, we suppose.

But she's going to fly.

Okay, push a few chairs out onto the tarmac, only don't let the madly infatuated ones get in the way of the wheels. They make a mess of you.

Sarah Smith

Our Miss Smith

There are any amount of Miss Smiths.

Some are sort of negative, some are quite divine.

Our Miss Smith is simply herself. Ravishing.

Full name? SARAH SMITH. She's a Glasgow girl with a lovely Scottish accent, she works as a secretary and models in her spare time. She wears mini-kilts in tartan recognition of her clan and the loveliest, briefest mini-dresses in delicious acknowledgement of her shapely legs.

She's whistled all the way to the office in the mornings and all the way home at night.

And what's fairer than that?

Kim Scott

Flying Swinger

Air stewardess KIM SCOTT is what you call a flying swinger. She's up, up and away week after week from London Airport, and all her passengers consider her the most swinging stewardess they ever clapped their international eyes on.

Kim lives in Middlesex and in between her flights comes down to earth to enjoy the peace and quiet of life.

She says that's what a girl needs to do after flying all over the place, otherwise you can fall apart.

Kim with her long legs is still a devotee of the mini and if you can think of anything which would make her look lovelier when she's out shopping for antiques, keep it to yourself. It's bound to be something she couldn't wear without collecting a crowd.

Jenny Piper

A Mini is a Mini

Young Hampshire housewife JENNY PIPER lives in a fascinatingly rural village, where a stream chuckles its way around the cottages.

But Jenny is quite with it as far as eye-catching gear is concerned. With her long legs, Jenny fits into a mini as if the fashion was made just for her. Bewitchingly, she believes a mini is a mini and you can't compromise.

This is Jenny in her mini that's a mini.

Hence the expression, "Ah, knickers."

"Well, yes, I know they show," said Jenny, "but you don't have to look if you don't want to."

She's joking, of course.

Diane Clarke

Bargain Buy

A secretary has to dress well, you know. In the old days, they used to make do with hairpins, hatpins, cuffed blouses and stiff skirts. Not just on one day, but every day. The boss was never distracted from his work but he often got slightly depressed.

It’s different today. Secretary DIANE CLARKE, going along with the modem tradition that secretaries should look elegant and glamorous, spends most of her money on clothes and when there’s a bargain buy in the offing at one of her favourite stores, she’s right there to sort out something breathtakingly exciting.

Little muted cries of delight, muffled gasps of exaltation. “Oh, that’s a dream, and that’s an enchantment and if I don’t look simply scintillating in the coffee-cream I’ll never look anything in anything.”

Yes, but don’t stand about, darling, get home early tomorrow before they shut.

“What, when they’re sold out? Wouldn’t dream of it. Look, you go and get me a flask of hot coffee and some smoked salmon sandwiches and I’ll stay here and be first in the queue for tomorrow morning.”

Girls are mad, aren’t they?

Jane Dixon

Luck of the Irish

They play that hurling game in Ireland. Everything flies about.

"Did that one hurt, Paddy?" asks O'Reilly.

"Me ears is still ringing, yer dirty scoundrel."

"Hard luck, me boyo."

Well, hard luck is what you get in that kind of game. But there are compensations, all to do with how things look after the game.

They look lovely. Ireland is full of colleens.

Here's one of them. JANE DIXON. Many a Paddy will walk ten miles to call on her and still be full of blarney when he arrives. Men of other nations could only ask hoarsely for water.

Jane, of course, recognises blarney as soon as she hears it. Many a Paddy, calling with a bunch of flowers and an invitation to the horse show, has had his foot caught excruciatingly in the door as Jane closes it.

"Oh, me foot!"

"Does it hurt, Paddy?" calls Jane through the mail-box.

"Like the devil himself, me darling."

"Hard luck, me boyo."

Even in Ireland you can't win them all.