Heather Brown

Heather For Luck

There's a saying that if you wear a sprig of heather it will bring you luck. If you wear a sprig of Scottish heather, it's said you'll never have the misfortune to fall into Loch Ness and be eaten by the monster.

Now then. HEATHER BROWN was on holiday in Scotland and she and her boyfriend were out in a boat. He was wearing a sprig of local heather. He fell in. Heather rescued him. "There you are," he panted wetly, "what luck, it didn't eat me."

"It wasn't there," said Heather, "this is Loch Lomond."

"Never mind," he said, "you're my best bit of real luck, if you hadn't been around you couldn't have pulled me out."

Heather giggled.

Camellia Tiran

Remember That Persian Garden ?

Perhaps you've never been to Persia. They call it Iran now, but it's the same place.

The poets and the songwriters used to write lovely things about Persian gardens. Well, here's a ravishing bloom straight out of a Persian garden. CAMELLIA TIRAN. She's been in England for quite a few years and at eighteen she's still blooming.

Camellia makes dresses and gives them all a touch of Persian enchantment, and if you know any nice concubines tell them they'll look exquisite in anything Camellia turns out. There's nothing like a bit of the old Persian enchantment to add lustre to a saucy Fatima.

Christine Norton

Lovely Learner

When we were young we thought we knew it all. We thought, as every generation thinks, that we were the ones who’d discovered sex. We forgot that when Shakespeare was young his generation discovered it too.

Not concerned with any burning questions which don’t concern her academic pursuits, CHRISTINE NORTON is a student whose spare time is fully taken up with intensive studying.

Now and again she does break out, however, such as when she entered the Miss Enfield beauty contest and delightedly found herself a finalist.

Other than that it’s pen and pencil-biting sessions over books and logarithms and what were the economic reasons that led to the French Revolution and why Lincoln was so passionate at Gettysburg.

It’s a lot to cram into the mind of any lovely learner when there is so much gay living going on elsewhere. Christine admits she sometimes wants to drop everything and go down to the river for a trip in a canoe. But if she wants to qualify as a linguistic secretary or as a junior executive on a woman’s magazine, she’s got to forget canoes and things.


Yoo-Hoo, Lulu

They ran the Derby at Epsom not so long ago and everyone got quite worked up. The runners went so fast that the only way of finding out how many were in the race was to count the legs and divide by four.

 One of the Epsom visitors was international singing star LULU.

 The cameramen caught her on the rail in her K.O. hot pants. Lulu just projected a lovely smile and they all said, "Good on you. Lulu, you're even more photogenic than the gee-gees."

 "I bet you say that to all the girls," said Lulu.

Marie Auge

Break for a Soufflé

When one is not only studying Chinese in a Paris university but also working hard in one’s spare time to earn one’s university fees, one needs the occasional break.

MARIE AUGE may not be able to afford a five-course lunch, even though there’s nothing that would give you greater joy than buying her one, but she has to eat.

During university recesses Marie works as a manicurist. At lunchtime break she likes a soufflé.

At a Chinese restaurant she knows in Paris they serve the most aromatic and fluffy soufflés. She orders in Chinese. It helps her with her homework. It seems a terrible waste dedicating oneself to Chinese, because there’s not much call for it except in China. Where’s China? Oh, sorry, Chairman Mao.

Ann Mountford

Glorious Devon

Devon is a county renowned for being glorious. Lovely golf courses, green farms and sea-washed beaches. Drake used to sail out from Devon. Not long-ago ANN MOUNTFORD sailed out herself and came to London.

Now, instead of gathering hay on farms in Devon she's a ledger clerk in the City. Some might think this isn't a change for the better, but Ann likes London and she likes her work.

She's good at figures.

And she's got rich auburn hair, lovely green eyes and long legs. She's nineteen. It's her world.

Barbara Boon

Babs Figures

Very good at figures is BARBARA BOON, which isn’t surprising in a girl who wasn’t far short of being a mathematical marvel when she was at college. Not that the boys were breathless admirers of her mathematics—well, not as much as they were of her inches, which made her look lovely and shapely.

It’s all very well to go on a diet and finish up looking flat all the way down but it doesn't inspire the chaps as much as an oo-la-la shape of 37-24-36.

That figures.

Nicki Stevens

Window Dressing

There’s nothing that decorates a window better than an indoor bloom of exotic colour. If you don’t go in for tropicana flora, however, but you do just happen to be having NICKI STEVENS to tea, you’ve got the perfect window dressing. A fascinating blue-eyed blonde, Nicki comes from Newcastle, lives in London and measures 37-23-37.

Tamie Scott

A Very Sporty Bird

Tamie is a secretary and the love of her life, apart from rugged men with a sense of humour, is her zippy little sports car, in which she whizzes around the Hampshire countryside with a great deal of nerve, verve and expertise.

No novice at the wheel is Tamie.

“You don't only need a sense of humour," said one rugged gentleman, “you need to know how to keep your head on round all the bends. It's all fast gear changes with Tamie, and that's racing stuff, boyo. Let her go, gal."

Tamie works in an office in Bournemouth and arrives every Monday morning looking glowing from all the fresh air of the week-end.

Kathy Jenkins

Well To Cut a Mini-Story Short

Yes, we don't want to go on at length about the mini-wear of KATHY JENKINS We just want to give you the brief details.

Kathy is a devoted fan of the mini and she was modelling her latest outfits in the green and brown woodland glade when a rabbit dashed by, followed a few seconds later by another.

“What was all that about?" asked Kathy.

“What a question," said the photographer. "Well, first of all I'd better tell you about the birds and the bees."

So, he began to expound, but he hadn’t got very far before everything went all dark. Kathy had hit him over the head with a small tree.

A girl just doesn't like being made a fool of.

Carole Marsden

How’s Your Temperature

Only a few months ago CAROLE MARSDEN was a nurse, brisk, bright and beautiful.

It was always dreamy to have her ask, “How’s your temperature?’’

And it was always on the cards that the man with the broken leg would answer. “I think it’s gone over the top.’’

Alas, the patients woke up one day to find those sweet confrontations with Nurse Marsden were over, for Nurse Marsden had left to become a model.

Carole transferred from Yorkshire to London, where she now lives and works. For escapism, she turns to music, both pop and classical. She’s also very fond of animals and will often take a neighbour’s dog for a walk. One day when she’s rich and famous she’s going to buy a penthouse and keep the loveliest little doggie she can find.

Sally Peters

In the Middle of the Jungle

This is a wild nature story

Well then, dead in the middle of the jungle was an Edwardian town house of three storeys. All around it was concrete. It was about half-a-mile from Chelsea and you couldn't see the rest of London for all the bricks. In the charming bedsit on the top floor was an exotic orchid., blooming away despite the jungle.

You could have swiped us semi-conscious with a gardenia window-box when we met the orchid. She was SALLY PETERS. She had never been in a jungle before, she had come from a quiet country town to work as a secretary in London. The hoots of the taxis were like the roars of lions, but Sally was blooming all the same. Well, she had coped with whistling wolves for years, so roaring lions were no problem.

"I could eat them for breakfast," she said.

The first lion-eating orchid of all time.

Penny Leigh

Penny For Your Thoughts

If you often have wistful dreams about someone tender, affectionate and absolutely ravishing who would make you blissfully happy without having to go off to a desert island, you're probably on an all-male expedition to the icy wastes of Greenland.

One girl you'll almost certainly dream about as soon as you see these pics of her is PENNY LEIGH.

She's ever so ravishing.

She likes riding, swimming and motorbikes. She can ride a motorbike like fun. Want to go pillion with her?

If so, hang on blissfully or you'll fall off.

Susan Ashford

What a Worker

In a Scottish fashion house SUSAN ASHFORD puts in a hard, creative day's work every day, and you can't stop her vibrantly attacking all kinds of other jobs at week-ends, either.

Makes us feel fragile, she does. The energy of the girl. And she's only twenty-one.

She keeps her car in her garage at home, and she doesn't only like to keep the car gleaming with polish, she likes to keep the garage spotless too. It's incredible. All those lovely week-ends just made for fun and Susan happy with a broom.

Wearing just the bare essentials, as it were, she goes into action. If we had a bloke come round to do a spot of polishing or cleaning for us, he'd be wearing egg-stained dungarees and turn the place upside-down in minutes. Not Susan. With smooth, curvy efficiency, and looking like a shipwrecked sailor's dream of home, she cleans up the garage in no time at all. Talk about how to make a humdrum job look like a floor show at Dick's Nitery.


Joy Harries

One of the Joys of Life

The best secretaries today all seem to be raving beauties, and if they'd been part of the scene in Dickens' time he'd have dispensed with Little Nell and filled his books with heroines who had far more vibrations, and who were full of the joys of life.

One of the joys of life today is secretary JOY HARRIES.

Here she is on the seat at the bottom of her garden in Hertfordshire.

We know you'd all like one like Joy at the bottom of your gardens, but supposing suddenly you did have? You'd only go all non-compos mentis and quivery and inarticulate. What the one cool man in a hundred would do would be to bow slightly, extend a hand and say, "Ah, my dear Miss Harries, shall we take tea on the lawn or shall I show you the conservatory?"

Joy would like that. She can take tea or leave it, but she adores conservatories and hot plants.