Diana Reed


Yes, okay, we know DIANA REED is shaped in the conventional but entrancing way of all glamorous girls. We know her statistics of 37-24-36 are delightful but not unusual. What is unusual is Diana’s chief outdoor interest. It isn’t muscular beach men, it’s landscape gardening.

It's what?

Yes, we know what you mean.

Sally Randall

Clearing up after Corky

Computer operator SALLY RANDALL has got lovely long hair and eye-catching statistics of 37-23-35.

She’s good at judo, expert at crossword puzzles and she scintillates on the dance floor. And when there’s a long-haired dog called Corky around she also has to be good at sweeping up the hairs he sheds over the carpet.

She’s more than good at this as you can see, she’s gorgeous.

Moira Orfei

Cara Moira

That, as all of you who’ve been to Italy know, means Moira, me lovely, you’re dear to me tender eyes, so you are. If you’ve been to Italy enough or stayed over when you should have returned home, you may indeed have clapped your dazzled optics on lustrous MOIRA ORFEI, one of the bewitching beauties currently captivating the Italian film scene. Moira is so good on the eyes it hurts. Which is another way of saying, “Stop me, Bertie, what fragrant delectability—it made me mince pies feel like hot velvet.”

Joanne Martin

Looking a Treat

There might be a tendency these days for many women to favour trouser suits around the house, and if there is then there's a definite tendency among many men to think rude things about trouser suit designers.

Trousers for women shouldn't go beyond peekaboo pants worn by those Eastern beauties who adorn sultans' palaces.

Thank goodness housewife JOANNE MARTIN still believes women look their most feminine in exquisite lingerie. Joanne herself looks a treat in black underwear. How lovely to come home to hot soup, treacle pudding and Joanne.

"Not, I hope, in that order," said Joanne.

No, of course not.

Penny-Club West Berlin

Some Men Have All The Luck

It happened in the Penny-Club in West Berlin. The Penny-Club is where the night life is full of froth and fun.

The guy who had all the luck was the feller who compered the leg competition, inviting girls from the audience to participate and try for a breath-taking prize.

In case you’re not quite with us, he’s the one with the measuring tape.

“I think this is a gag and I’m not sure what I’m going to tell my boyfriend. No, he’s not the one with the wide shoulders, he’s the one who’s home in bed with shingles. His nerves are all to pieces and so are mine. Ooh, you’re tickling. "

“Oh, look, I don't really want a prize, I only went in for it because Gerda talked so fast to me. It’s the last time I’m going to let her talk to me at all. She’s all right, she’s sitting over there laughing her head off. Oh, but I haven’t really won, have I! Well, I never. Now then sailors shout show a leg I shan’t have such a complex.”

Soulange Ferrier

French Style

Very much the delicious Parisian is SOULANGE FERRIER.

Soulange spends her summers working as a chambermaid in a hotel at St. Tropez.

That's French style if you like. Nothing a motherly middle-aged chambermaid who wheezes a bit. Not on your French nelly, dearest. No, it has to be a girl who could also double for a sexy French film actress in one of those permissive Gallic epics which make you roll about in the aisles.

What a lovely Soulange.

How exquisite to have the bedclothes turned down by her at night. Ah well, it's nice to think about.

Michelle Dolan

What a Sparkler

An absolute dolly of a girl is MICHELLE DOLAN, who lives in Bradford, Yorkshire. Goes around with sparks in her eyes, lighting up like the Aurora Borealis at ail the funny things of life.

She's nineteen, measures 37-21-34 and works as a window-dresser. That's kind of Creative. She also likes to do a spot of modelling in her spare time. That's kind of artistic. Well, it is to us. We asked her what her favourite hobby was.

“Boyfriends” said Michelle.

Margaret Wade

Country Girl

There is an eternal attraction about the countryside which has such an appeal for town dwellers that many of them want to give up counting traffic lights and buy a country cottage.

Many of them do just that and when they're in the cottage they're ready to let the country atmosphere caress them into a kind of soporific bliss.

Two weeks later they're writing letters to their town friends asking them to send an electric mixer or a set of drums. The quiet, they say, is killing them.

You have to be a lover of peace and quiet to settle down in a country cottage. MARGARET WADE wouldn't live anywhere else. Of course, she has a job that keeps her in close daily contact with hustle and bustle and comings and goings, and that removes any desire on her part to own a set of drums.

Margaret is a hotel receptionist.

She also owns a horse. It's much less technologically complicated than a car. She and a horse spend lovely week-ends riding around in all the peace and quiet.

So, if you buy a country cottage ask for a horse as well.

Sandy Wallace

New Englander

Model from America is SANDY WALLACE.

Born in New England, she has a pad in Miami and commutes regularly from there to London.

Incredible, this casual flipping across the Atlantic when not so long ago it was an adventure for some girls to row from one side of the Hyde Park Serpentine to the other. And if any of them got splashed on the way they'd turn back.

Now Sandy high-flies from Miami to London about once a month without even thinking about it, if you discount the cost. Notice her American legs? Good for a lot of walking, you'd think, but down on the ground Sandy drives a car. Seems an awful waste of lovely legs, what?

Lisa Casala

Watch What Birdie ?

There was lush dolly LISA CASALA on one side of the camera and Willy Boodle on the other. And Lisa was telling him to watch the birdie.

Willy did. What a peach, he thought. Big brown eyes and all. He went quite faint and when his passport photograph was developed it looked like a dose-up of a fragile hop-picker who'd been at the malt.

Lisa lives in Dorset. She likes the occasional camerawork.

On either side of the lens she's a beaut.

Willy didn't think his passport photograph would pass. So, he made six more appointments.

"One should be enough if only you don't go all quivery," said Lisa.

"I hope you don't think I've got malaria," said Willy, "I just suffer from susceptibility."

"Fascinating," said Lisa as she ushered him out.

Faith Pattinson

Dedicated Faith

There are large numbers of elephants roaming around places like India, which sometimes makes it a dicey business crossing a road. Elephants don’t observe road rules any more than motorists do in some places. You get an instinct for avoiding action in respect of vehicular traffic, however, which enables you to survive the unpredictability of drivers. But it's different when you’re up against elephants.

Elephants seem dedicated to the pleasure of steaming ahead, irrespective of who's in the way. Once they've got their trunks down and their legs working on all systems go, their dedication to a straight line is heart-stopping. Talking about heart-stopping, we know a girl who makes ours go boompety-boomp, and she's dedicated too. Her straight line of dedication is that which leads to where she wants to go as a straight actress—the top. Her name is FAITH PATTINSON, she’s had stage parts and film parts, she lives in London and we have a feeling about her that we’ve never had about elephants. We have a feeling that elephants are just a load of crash-bang-wallop and that Faith is quite different.

Jane Brewerton

Fame For Jane

It isn't often that a dental receptionist finds herself featured in the Press unless she's responsible for something unfortunate, like setting the surgery on fire.

With JANE BREWERTON, sweet seventeen, it happened in the nicest way. She won the Girl of The Month contest in the Yorkshire Evening Post and from then on, the national Press evinced interest.

We weren't exactly in a slowcoach mood and we caught Jane still in a delicious tizzy and falling over the furniture. She's a natural blonde with blue eyes and trimly curvy figure of 36-22-34. And we hope to see a lot more of her if we don't get lost on the Yorkshire moors.

Molly Cunningham

Molly’s A Dolly

Fascinatingly shapely daughter of an Army officer MOLLY CUNNINGHAM really is the most delicious dolly.

Measuring 37-25-38, we defy you to come up with any dolly possessing extra inches without the whole thing being a bit much.

Molly's favourite holiday isle is Ibiza, and she's off to spend the summer season there any moment now. She'll work in a boutique each day, and wine and dine with the young people of Ibiza in the evenings. Don't ask us if she'll be free during siesta time. Ask her yourself but watch out you don't get a fat ear for your sauce.

Nina Swallow

A Swinging Pommie

Not so long ago NINA SWALLOW was living in Middlesex, a few miles from London. The scene was tailor-made for her, for Nina is a devotee of the theatre and everything that goes to make up the living, breathing atmosphere of a big city.

Then she had a chance to take a job in Australia. She thought well, we’re all only young once, and off she went to try a change of atmosphere and a change of scenery.

She's doing fine. She's a swinging Pommie.

They don't half follow her around on the beaches down under.

Michelle Lorraine

Maid for a Kitchen

Photographer's receptionist MICHELLE LORRAINE is just the kind of girl you like to clap your peepers on when you call to make an appointment for a passport photograph. She makes you feel you'd rather hare a dinner date than a holiday.

Did we mention food? It wasn't out of place. Michelle is just the maid to bring glamour to a kitchen. Imagine a five-course meal and Michelle as well. Don't disturb. We're having coffee.