Marilyn Ward

See the Manageress

If you like shopping with your girlfriend, particularly when she’s after a bargain in a boutique, you can get very good service in the boutique run by MARILYN WARD.

Ask for the manageress and Marilyn will appear. You’ll be so captivated that five minutes later your girlfriend will slosh you and say, “In case you’ve forgotten, Romeo, you’re with me.”

Marilyn Ward

My Boutique

Boutiques are still in. Boutiques are where the teenagers congregate on Saturdays, filling the place with exuberant cries of “Oh Danny, just cast your optics at this crepe two-piece—isn’t it just the sharpest thing for dancing the hornpipe?” They don’t all talk like that, but it’s ear-binding to hear those that do.

MARILYN WARD hears it all the time. She runs a boutique in Bournemouth and if you want to see how she looks in a couple of the most delightful outfits available here’s your chance.

We can’t describe them, we don’t have the designer’s highly involved details, but since seeing’s believing don't ask for descriptions.

When a zip runs it really runs, and when is a mini not a mini?

When it’s worn as a shirt. We don’t know if you prefer Marilyn or the dresses, we like them like crazy all together.