Nicola Taylor

Anyone Feel Dizzy ?

According to her fans, NICOLA TAYLOR turns them all on, and there's hardly a day goes by without some entirely susceptible Charley boy doesn't spin round until he drops.

Nicola is a Hampshire girl with her own way of looking lovely. She simply remains herself.

There was a sensitive baby elephant which spent all its growing years trying to look like a bunch of flowers. It didn't create any real impact, and one day when it emerged from the river looking exactly like a growing baby elephant, an American lady tourist said, "Oh, how cute, can I buy that one?"

The baby elephant was happy ever after.

There you are, then. If you're lovely in your own way, be like Nicola and the baby elephant. Just remain yourself and don't grow a beard.

Susanne Kent

Coming Along Nicely

Those finishing schools in Switzerland are all very popular, of course, and when they turn a girl out—if you’ll pardon the phrase—she is usually perfectly equipped to cope with all the trials and tribulations of hard, practical life.

But mostly the first thing the girls want to know about concerns parties.

There were parties for SUSANNE KENT, naturally, and all bang-up and on the ball. There was the future to consider, of course, but that was something to be thought about tomorrow or the day after.

And what else does any ambitious girl want to do except modelling? She has to give the matter no thought at all—it just comes naturally.

If you can’t be a model, you can be a secretary. After that, there’s just nothing. Hardly any girl wants to be a film star these days. Of course, there are those who like to see their pictures up outside cinemas, but it’s not the same as it used to be.

Susanne went for modelling and we’re happy to report that in this sphere she’s coming along nicely.

Nancy Sinatra

Here Come Those Boots

That was the day.

Down the steps from the airliner they came, polished, gleaming and pointing. Encased in them were the shapely legs of NANCY SINATRA, and by the time they reached ground level the photographers were already putting their elbows in the other feller's eye. Word having got around that Nancy had arrived in London, loud were the cries of “Come on, Nancy, walk right over me, baby—I want to show your boot marks to my best friends


Serve the fool right. He should have known it was going to hurt.

Nancy took it all in her stride. What a girl. What boots.


Jenny Price

Lovely & Learned

Anyone can be an egghead. All you need is the right kind of brain and a fixation on philosophy or economics or the kings of ancient Thebes. In that way, you not only become an egghead but because of your great learning you’re an old fogey before you’re thirty. You can’t talk about anything except logarithms or Theseus or Queen Nefertiti.

Cardiff student unlikely to ever turn into an egghead or a fogey is JENNY PRICE. She’s simply too dishy. There are female eggheads who wander around museums looking at Egyptian mummies, but that’s not for Jenny. She’s going to be a cool, elegant, indispensable, photogenic secretary.

Thank goodness for that.

Marion McGregor


Very frisky indeed were the passing breezes on the day MARION McCRECOR took a trip into the country, catching her just at the crucial moment of climbing the fence.

Ah, well, it’s fun to be alive and what’s a fence or a frisky breeze when you're young enough to take both in your stride?

Joan Paul


It’s not something you need go to a psychiatrist about. JOAN PAUL doesn’t, but some people do.

“Rest comfortably on the couch, please. Comfy? Nice and relaxed? Good. Now then, what’s the trouble?”

“I’ve got a mania.’’

“Oh, have you? So have I. I was thinking of going to a psychiatrist about it.” “But you’re a psychiatrist yourself.”

“I can’t help that, we’ve all got our problems. Now about my mania—it comes over me mostly in the park.”

“Excuse me, but I’m the patient, it’s my mania I’ve come to discuss with you, not yours. Look, see that, I’ve got one leg in the air.”

“Is that your mania?”

“No, that’s my cramp. My mania is to do with mini-skirts. The whole thing is a terrible worry to me and I can’t sleep at nights.”

“Why is it such a worry?”

“I keep thinking they’ll go out of fashion. Ouch, there goes my cramp again.”

When one realises just how scintillating Joan is in her mini, one can’t help sympathising with all men who worry about when it will all end.

Maria Assin

It Wasn’t For Want of Trying

There was this rubber canoe, see.

It was a new acquisition for MARIA ASSIN. Maria works all week in an office and spends all week-ends out-of-doors. That way a girl manages to keep pretty and vital.

Maria had the darnedest trouble launching the canoe and even more trying to get into it. It couldn't have been more difficult trying to get on the neck of an elephant with a rope ladder.

There's a classical method of launching and paddling a canoe, of course One, you swoosh it into the water. Two, you sling your left leg over the starboard side. Three, you sling your right leg in. Four—as Maria found out—you fall flat on your face over the port side.

No one can say Maria didn't try. She did. Both classical and un-classical methods. The canoe remained obdurately determined, Maria likewise. It became a fight to the finish.

“Pardon me,” called a wag from dry land, “but watch out for the torpedoes.”

“Blow the torpedoes,” said Maria, “I’m in at last and now it’s full steam ahead.”

It’s one thing to be an obdurately determined young lady, and quite another to be over-confident.

It wasn't the torpedoes.

It was the canoe.

It gave a wet cough and Maria went overboard. Not for the first time, either. “You’re all wet," called the wag from the bank.

“So are you," said Maria.

Janette Goodman

It Can’t Be True

No, the fact is we didn’t think fashion model JANETTE GOODMAN would really go for these old-fashioned longs, no matter how much they’re currently being worn by those in the know. We really thought it couldn’t be true when Janette popped up in them, but as they say in the best technical tomes, the camera simply doesn’t lie.

Janette herself seems uncommonly tickled by them — figuratively, that is (we presume), not literally.

Well, she looks all right. They may be terribly old-fashioned, but Janette exudes no atmosphere of grandmother’s day. Maybe she needs a bustle for that.

Maybe a tall bonnet would also help. Janette doesn’t think so. The longs are back in fashion, she says, but not bustles or bonnets. So there.

Claire Peters

In the Money

It’s not like winning the pools and saddling yourself with a trunkful of fivers that you don’t know what to do with. (You all know how difficult it is to spend money when you’ve got such a lot of it).

You’re in the money in a different way when you’re handling other people’s cash, as CLAIRE PETERS does. Claire is a cashier and what a pretty one. You kind of fall into her green eyes and forget your change. “Sir—your change.”

“Never mind all that humdrum lolly—what’s your phone number?” Honestly, some people.

Diane Clarke

Window Shopping

Pay day was still a little way off so all that Middlesex beauty queen DIANE CLARKE could do was window shopping.

Still, that gives a girl as much pleasure as going into the shop and not making up her mind, anyway. Girls in shops look their prospective purchase over, murmur “Mmmm .. . yes ... it’s lovely . . . but I was looking for something different,” and the assistant stands first on one foot, then the other.

Diane saved all that fiddling about by just window shopping. She was able to fall in love with all kinds of items without making any assistant hop worriedly about.

As a matter of fact, Diane in her mini outfits looks much better than any-thing we’ve seen in any window.

Jane Paul

Personal Appearances

Nothing counts for more in the life of a film star than the rapturous acclaim of a bedazzled crowd, overflowing their own feet as each man and each woman shoves and pushes to get a glimpse of You-Know-Who. What we like is more a personal appearance, really, such as JANE PAUL always catches the eye with. Well-groomed, well-brushed, no stocking wrinkles, everything neat and clean and tidy and fab. Super-duper entrancing Miss Paul.

Margaret Box

Who’d Have Thought It?

A few years ago, a shapely young brunette from Catford called in to see us. Her name was Margaret Box and she looked just like she does in the photograph above. Her ambition was to make her mark in the cinema, and that didn’t mean gouging a lump out of the carpet in the middle row of the stalls.

Well, we thought good luck and all that, and reckoned she might or might not make it, we weren’t sure. We knew about the competition and how tough it was.

Well, in a nutshell, who’d have thought it? This year we’ve been receiving wildly-exciting photographs of Italy’s newest star MARGARET LEE, a blonde in the tradition of today’s eye-catching blondes, and the likeness striking a chord in the way it does when we’re a bit with it, we soon found out that Miss Lee was formerly Miss Box. Miss Box was delightful in Catford, but Miss Lee is sensational in Rome.

Sadie Milligan

Oh, Hang It

That’s what SADIE MILLIGAN said when someone gave her an oil-painting for her birthday.

The reason for Sadie's remark was one, because she'd been expecting half-a-dozen pairs of nylons, and, two, because what can a girl do with an old oil-painting except hang it? So, do-it-yourself Sadie collected stepladder and hammer. She should have called in the man next door to hang it for her - then, like most do-it-yourself girls, she wouldn't have ended up on the floor.

Framed? Yes - the painting, not Sadie, because there's a consensus of opinion among those who value somebody else's grandmother in oils that this was deliberate sabotage on Sadie's part. All we can say is she makes a better picture than the picture.

Sadie, of the long and shapely legs, is a Bonny Scot from Ayrshire. And when she's not hanging pictures she works for a chemical firm.

Anne Stewart

Secretary at Work

When she’s not doing six things at once for her boss —and chasing up the junior who makes the office coffee—lovely ANNE STEWART is doing odd jobs in her flat or sailing boats off the Hampshire coast or hacking over the Downs. As a secretary Anne is both beautiful and efficient, and as a wielder of a paint brush or a knocker-in of nails she’s no less beautiful and probably just as efficient. She’s a dab hand with a screwdriver and knows what she's doing with a brace and bit. As you lie in your deckchair, doing nothing but waggling your toes in the sunshine, aren’t you just a little mortified that you don’t even know what a brace and bit is?

Anne, by the way, loves to travel and is saving up to buy her own car for use on the next trip abroad she makes. There's hardly any need to mention that she’ll be able to do her own maintenance on the vehicle.

Dawn Grayson

How To Be Crazy Without Really Trying

Quite simple. Get yourself introduced to DAWN GRAYSON at a cocktail party for models with a flair for slaying the beholder. One look at our beautiful Dawn and you’ll be as crazy about her as we are. What real man can look into those soft eyes and dwell on that haunting shade of lipstick without wanting to be shot out of a cannon or something? Crazy it might be but undeniably exhilarating.