Shirley Campbell

Pressing Business

It’s Friday night and SHIRLEY CAMPBELL has got a date and it’s just occurred to her what a giggle it all is. Well, there she is engaged in the pressing business of ironing her smalls and there he is, already waiting on the corner and wondering what’s keeping her. Shirley’s giggling at the idea of inviting him up to help her out with the ironing.

The trouble is when you’re in a hurry everything goes wrong, and those collapsible ironing tables are all too collapsible, and then the phone rings, and the doorbell buzzes and you can’t get your foot out of the under-structure. Never mind, the girls of Glasgow always come up smiling, even under circumstances like these, and Shirley is no less a typical Glaswegian than all the other cute lasses.

Sue Halsey

Have You Seen Our Park?

It’s worth a look, and so is SUE HALSEY.

Of course, not everybody gets the grand tour conducted by Sue. Not everybody’s that lucky. And those whom Sue has shown around have usually been unable to remember a thing about the Park. They’ve been too busy looking at Sue.

They’ve been too busy remembering how pretty Sue looked perched on that park bench. You too?

Brenda North

In Mod Mood

Girl who belongs to the modern way of life is BRENDA NORTH, although you can see she likes communing with countryside as well as getting into the groove on the dance floor.

Brenda is slim, lively and likes to go, go, go, and if she looks a little dreamy when she’s out-of-doors, well, the girls in the mod mood today are dreamy, aren’t they?

Jane Paul

The Midi for Jane

Things haven't been going quite as exhilaratingly for JANE PAUL as she’d have liked over the last few years.

The fact is, Jane is a soccer fan and a supporter of Glasgow Rangers. And the way that other Glasgow team, Celtic, has been taking all the honours that were once almost exclusively marked up to Rangers has rendered life quite intolerable for Jane. It's made all the more fanatical Rangers supporters feel that life has been hardly worth living.


There are always the compensatory factors associated with fashion to take a girl’s mind off the tribulations of soccer fans. And Jane, a Glasgow secretary, is mad about clothes. She’s bought herself a midi. And she’s gone off tights and gone back to stockings.

Tights are a must with a mini. They're not with a midi.

That's going to please an awful lot of men.

"Watch it," said Jane, "the men in Scotland aren't as awful as that."

Joan Glover


There are a great many bonny girls in Scotland, all of whom catch the eye as they run for a bus, but it was quite ridiculous that secretary JOAN GLOVER should catch the eye when she wasn’t even running down the stairs.

Life is like that, not just for Joan but all of us. And because life is the way it is for all of us, life is fascinating.

Anita Dale

Honey Girl

A busy bee called Bertie buzzed furiously around all day—so much so that the other bees thought about reporting him to their union. "He’s flogging his wings to whiskers." they said. But Bertie cared not, neither did he cease, for he was inspired by the girl who came to the hive to see him at work. The girl was honey-blonde ANITA DALE of Earl’s Court, Kensington, and honey bees naturally buzz for honey blondes.

Jane Mercer

They Make Passes Now!

You remember that old gag—fellers never make passes at girls who wear glasses?

 They swept that one under the carpet years ago.

You can’t wonder at it when you look at JANE MERCER. Jane, in or out of horn-rimmed specs, is ravishingly eye catching.

Some feller who saw her passing by in a mini was so dazzled he didn’t even notice her glasses. “I was looking the other way,” he said. Then there was the nice chap who helped her off the bus and got into such a tizzy over her blonde allure that he forgot to get off himself and went all the way up the Strand when he really wanted Waterloo Road.

Jane is a secretary, as you’ve no doubt guessed. You can see from her glasses just how efficient she is. Aside from that she has lovely legs and a bewitching figure measuring 37"-23"-36".

Judy Coe

Sec’s Appeal

Croydon secretary’ with all the appeal every secretary should have is JUDY COE, swinging girl in a swinging scene.

That coal bucket is just a gag, of course. Judy doesn't think in terms of coal buckets and she thought this one was a converted Roman helmet and wanted to know which museum we'd nicked it from.

But she looks a dish in a sweater, don’t you think?

“It’s all wool,’’ she said, “and saves me having to light the fire. Do you remember where I put my hat?”

It was a good question but we had no idea how to answer it.

Nicola Taylor


We’ll take two lumps. NICOLA TAYLOR makes a lovely cup of hot char, and that's not all. She also has lovely legs and in her mini-dress makes just about the prettiest picture around the house you would wish for.

Of course, if you’re about eighty you probably still conjure up pictures of Mistinguette when you think about legs. You're very welcome, but we'll stand by Nicola.

Ruth Bennet

Welcome Home

After spending quite a while seeing as much as she could see in America, blonde RUTH BENNET made tracks for home, and home is Britain. We don’t know exactly how Ruth looked before she went to the States, but she certainly looks a gorgeous doll now she’s back.

For those who want to know how she’s shaped up to the American way of life, Ruth’s current statistics are 37-23-36.

Susan Douglas

Patricia Garland - Update

Pat Garland

I had a nice email from Susan Douglas’s eldest son this week, after his daughter found her grandmother’s profile page by accident. He has been kind enough to fill in a few gaps for me. Some details  I will cover here, but I have updated her page to reflect others.

Susan (Pat) sadly passed away 22nd February 2010 when she was 73, I am now also able to correct her date of birth to April 1938. I am told, though, that she would have been delighted that we always thought her younger than she really was! Susan Douglas was not her real name of course, She was really Patricia Garland, which I think we all knew anyway (but she did prefer to be called Pat). She decided on the name Susan Douglas so she was harder to trace - with Susan coming from a friend’s daughter and Douglas coming from the actor Kirk Douglas, whose films she was fond of.

Susan was one of the most photographed ToCo models. She was born and lived reasonably close to the Croydon office and was obviously well in with the staff, as she and her family used to holiday in Cornwall at the editors (Staples) house. It would appear that when she wasn’t modelling she helped in the offices and advised other models on their make up and clothes, Susans oldest son used to go along to the Croydon office in the school holidays when his mum was working. It would also appear that Staples ran a sweatshirt printing business and we can see Susan modelling one of his shirts in Spick No 180, possibly leaning against his Jaguar.

One other thing that always intrigued me about Susan was  that bangle that she frequently wore on her left arm above her elbow. The bangle was her Grandmother’s and was a lucky charm to her. Susan was always fond of jewellery and was always one for doing things her own way.

Luckily for us.

Christina Horn

Catchy Christina

Model of advancing international repute is CHRISTINA HORN of West Germany, and if we haven't yet seen her modelling in London it can't be a pleasure that will be delayed much longer now.

 Christina has a catchy look that goes just right with her jazzy stockings and we hope that when she does appear in London we'll have the additional pleasure of seeing her catchy look even catchier as she mounts a high bus from a low kerb.

Susan McKay


Stylist tress chic is SUSAN McKAY, not only in her clothes but in her job. Susan works as assistant to a prominent Glasgow hair stylist, and having her put a kink in your hair if you’re a customer must be a joy.

Customers being of the fair sex only, we’re left without a kink—apart from the one the psychiatrist told us about—and we rather wish Susan would stop lying around on walls and beaches and join our barber’s shop.

Very few barber’s shops have lady assistants, and those that do don’t have any quite like Susan, with her gorgeous brown eyes and her photogenic legs.

Pinky Sands

Gone Fishing

When good old Joe turned up to take PINKY SANDS for a ride on the back of his bike, Pinky was conspicuous by her absence. Good old Joe having been very precise about the time he’d arrive. Pinky had gone fishing. She preferred that to riding on the back of his bike and listening to him talking about his bicycle pump. Pinky got into a little difficulty with her line and hook but it was all a lot more fun than good old Joe.

Sylvia Ternes

Outdoor Style

Looking pretty in the Berlin park is SYLVIA TERNES, and if the season is a cold one and the outfit an anti-rain affair, the style of the whole thing is just right.