Marion McGregor


Very frisky indeed were the passing breezes on the day MARION McCRECOR took a trip into the country, catching her just at the crucial moment of climbing the fence.

Ah, well, it’s fun to be alive and what’s a fence or a frisky breeze when you're young enough to take both in your stride?

Claire Peters

In the Money

It’s not like winning the pools and saddling yourself with a trunkful of fivers that you don’t know what to do with. (You all know how difficult it is to spend money when you’ve got such a lot of it).

You’re in the money in a different way when you’re handling other people’s cash, as CLAIRE PETERS does. Claire is a cashier and what a pretty one. You kind of fall into her green eyes and forget your change. “Sir—your change.”

“Never mind all that humdrum lolly—what’s your phone number?” Honestly, some people.

Jane Paul

Personal Appearances

Nothing counts for more in the life of a film star than the rapturous acclaim of a bedazzled crowd, overflowing their own feet as each man and each woman shoves and pushes to get a glimpse of You-Know-Who. What we like is more a personal appearance, really, such as JANE PAUL always catches the eye with. Well-groomed, well-brushed, no stocking wrinkles, everything neat and clean and tidy and fab. Super-duper entrancing Miss Paul.

Jackie Murray & Nancy Crawford

Facing the Fact

The fact of the matter is this long underwear is back in vogue after being lost in the midst of the crazy twenties, and JACKIE MURRAY, left, and NANCY CRAWFORD, right, decided there was nothing to do about it but get into the swing of the fashion themselves.

Susan Ashford

What a Worker

In a Scottish fashion house SUSAN ASHFORD puts in a hard, creative day's work every day, and you can't stop her vibrantly attacking all kinds of other jobs at week-ends, either.

Makes us feel fragile, she does. The energy of the girl. And she's only twenty-one.

She keeps her car in her garage at home, and she doesn't only like to keep the car gleaming with polish, she likes to keep the garage spotless too. It's incredible. All those lovely week-ends just made for fun and Susan happy with a broom.

Wearing just the bare essentials, as it were, she goes into action. If we had a bloke come round to do a spot of polishing or cleaning for us, he'd be wearing egg-stained dungarees and turn the place upside-down in minutes. Not Susan. With smooth, curvy efficiency, and looking like a shipwrecked sailor's dream of home, she cleans up the garage in no time at all. Talk about how to make a humdrum job look like a floor show at Dick's Nitery.


Helen Baxter

Anyone Looking

It’s a bit of a problem when you want to change your dress in the back of a car, for there’s always the possibility that some knickerbockered bird watcher may be looking or so thought HELEN BAXTER.

And when you have changed, isn’t it just absolutely ridiculous to find your dress caught up in the car door and that tweedy-headed B.W. twittering at you over the hedge

Annette French

Beauty On The Bonnet

A well-polished car with all that gleaming chromium and the rest of the gear is just right as a subject for glossy photography, but if you need to gild the lily how about adding ANNETTE FRENCH to the picture?

You might be inclined to suggest the car is superfluous in that case, even if it’s a supercharged model, and in turn we’d be inclined to agree with you. For if you’re looking for the photogenic dream, what’s a chromium-plated bumper compared with a natural beauty like Annette?

Jane Dixon

Oh, Those Irish Eyes

Some Irish housewives have got a lovely way of frying bacon; others have the most bewitching way of looking all cuddly.

We know a very bewitching Irish housewife. She's JANE DIXON.

Her way of bewitching a feller is to flash her Irish eyes at him. Irish eyes are soft, limpid, saucy and provoking. You can write poetry about them and get ten marks out ten from teacher for same.

You can certainly write poetry about Jane, and don't be put off by her trendy see-through. Keep looking into her eyes until you go all glazed and then you'll be in the mood to write the dreamiest poetry ever.

It doesn't have to rhyme; it just has to have a lilting flow.

Nicky Weston

Have Yen, Will Travel

Fashion and photographic model NICKY WESTON has one ambition above all others, and that’s to travel all over the world in her work. Nicky is just twenty and like so many fashion models can be seen adding glamour to the motor racing circuits. She also looks cool on a gee-gee, being uncommonly addicted to hacking.

Jenny Price

What Lovely Lines

We’re so confused by JENNY PRICE, whose enchantment flows lyrically over us, that we can’t follow the lines of her car. Jenny, who has just about the nicest legs in Wales, can confuse the most clear-minded car fanatic.

Marie Graham

Not Just A Pretty Face

MARIE GRAHAM, is not just a pretty face. Some of you fellers couldn't care less if she had six degrees in the higher arts, because you all love a pretty face notwithstanding, like.

Even so, aren't you interested in the fact that Marie can do things to a car just as efficiently as you can?

Or are you more interested in just sitting back and watching her at work?

All right, don’t all shout at once.

Peggy O'Neill

What Went Wrong

Nothing, actually. If anything gives you the impression that it did, please forget it. It's nothing that isn't common between any girl and any car. They just don’t understand each other.

PEGGY O’NEILL considers she tries hard enough herself, and is convinced the car doesn’t try at all. Peggy is as Irish as her name, by the way, lives in Chelsea and is mad about odd-looking clothes.

The girl prefers dogs to cars. And she wouldn't be Irish if she didn’t think a horse could reach any place in front of any car.

"Sure, did you ever hear of a car that wasn't going where it shouldn't and getting there before it arrived?"

Liz Moore

The Fact Is

Ah, we thought when we saw LIZ MOORE, we bet she's a girl who’s a rave in films, we bet she’s graced many a controversial screen epic where breath-taking psychological problems have only been made bearable by her scintillating presence.

The fact is; however, Liz is a sculptor. Nothing to do with films at all, even though we bumped into her at Shepperton Studios. Well, nothing to do with appearing in them. She works behind the scenes, doing her sculpting for screen sets with inspired talent and making a good job of it at the same time.

How would you like her to come up and sculpt a mermaid for your garden pond?

Dawn Williams

When It’s Warm

Did you read what that lady feature writer said about our girls during our last heat-wave? She said that when it’s warm we suddenly become a nation of strippers on the female side. Juxta-positioned with her article was an announcement that when the weather’s warm our influx of tourists goes up umpteen per cent.

There’s a rapid conclusion to be drawn.

It must all be to do with lovely girls like DAWN WILLIAMS, for when it got very warm Dawn felt she just didn’t need a topcoat. Picture of a sudden increase in our influx of tourists popping quickly through the customs to see Dawn without her topcoat and so on.

Apart from ail the trivial side issues connected with weather, Dawn is a secretary who lives in London.

Anne Duke

Aristocratic Cobblers

Cobblers means codswallop. Codswallop means my eye and Betty Martin. Or drivel. What it all boils down to is that it’s a lot of jazz and junk to imply being aristocratic is indivisible from a pink hat and an Ascot sunshade.

For us ANNE DUKE looks aristocratic all over. Elegant, bewitching and self-assured. Maybe self-designated aristocrats have a butler to help them over a gate to ensure they don’t have trouble with their skirts, but you can’t say an elegant, bewitching and self-assured look doesn’t have an aristocratic aura to it—even when there’s a gate trying to sabotage the elegance.

Anne is Welsh. We don’t know if she can sing but she isn’t half lovely to look at. The man who lives round the next corner to her has gone off his cornflakes and gone on to carrots. He wants to sharpen up his eyesight. “What for?” asked his wife. “Oh, just to make sure I won’t miss anything,” he said.

“What’s anything?” she said. “Oh, you know, birds and flying saucers,” he said.