Annette French

Beauty On The Bonnet

A well-polished car with all that gleaming chromium and the rest of the gear is just right as a subject for glossy photography, but if you need to gild the lily how about adding ANNETTE FRENCH to the picture?

You might be inclined to suggest the car is superfluous in that case, even if it’s a supercharged model, and in turn we’d be inclined to agree with you. For if you’re looking for the photogenic dream, what’s a chromium-plated bumper compared with a natural beauty like Annette?

Annette French

You Must Have Been

Indeed, it’s very obvious that ANNETTE FRENCH must have been a beautiful baby, for just look at her now a pin-up girl with dark-eyed glamour from top to toe perfect to gaze upon and perfect to know.

Annette’s natural love is beautiful clothes, on which she spends most of the money she earns working for a book publisher, and there’s no girl who does more justice to beautiful clothes than Annette.

Annette is nineteen, is engaged to be married some guy is an exceptionally lucky guy and has vitalistics of 35-23-36 going down.

Among all those clothes of hers Annette counts frilly underwear in all its modern allure, and we can assure her that she doesn’t need that mirror to show her how good and gorgeous she looks in it.