Ruth Cavendish

Real Cool

In modern parlance, the phrase they’d use for RUTH CAVENDISH would be real cool, because Ruth is representative of all the eye-catching characteristics for which our modern chicks are justly famous.

In case you don’t know, Ruth is a chief cashier at a Glasgow store, which is a cue for us to say she’s good at figures. Her statistics also count for something they add up to 38"-24"-38".

And she’s tops as a pin-up favourite.

Ruth Cavendish

Highland Game

Up in the Scottish Highlands they play all those Scottish games, and one of our favourite pin-up girls, RUTH CAVENDISH, is quite good at tossing the caber, providing the caber is scaled down to the size of a walking-stick. "A girl," says Ruth, "should be noted for her charm and subtlety, not her muscles. Who wants muscles?" She was having a grand game doing the Highland Fling not far from the local loch, and then a Scottish terrier joined in and made off with most of her clothes, Ruth having taken them off to give herself more freedom of movement.

It was a new kind of game looking for that terrier, who was finding her terylene skirt tastier than a tin of dog meat. Still, Ruth made a lovely picture while it was all going on.

Ruth Cavendish

Best Foot Forward

Our Scottish photographer tells us that RUTH CAVENDISH is not only beautiful but highly intelligent and extremely cultured. It’s with confidence, then, that we exhort this lovely lady to put her best foot forward when alighting from her car, for she will do so far too intelligently to trip up and far too attractively not to make a perfect picture.

For those who like statistics as much as they like culture, Ruth is eighteen, and fits very nicely into a shapely silhouette of 38"-24"-38". Did you ever see any girl alight so prettily?

Ruth’s ambition is to become a fashion model, and certainly no fashion model we ever saw comes to the job more photo-genically than Ruth could. Of all the bonny Scots we have featured, Ruth is among the bonniest.

Whenever the laurels are awarded for shapely legs Ruth is among the enchanting recipients, and these shots leave us in no doubt she deserves every leaf.