Anne Scott

Cooling Off

"I don’t usually appear out-of-doors like an absent-minded professor," said ANNE SCOTT.

"What brand of absent-mindedness did you have in mind?"

"Oh, you know." A bit of a giggle here. “The ones who leave for work minus their trousers. I didn’t leave home minus my dress, I assure you. It’s the weather."

"What weather?"

"All this gorgeous hot stuff. I didn’t think there was any left."

"Oh, come now, Miss Scott, weather has always been a matter of the four seasons."

"Do you have to talk like some diddly-fiddly old dodderer from the Ministry? I’m only trying very simply to explain why I look like this."

"No explanation necessary. Miss Scott. It’s all a very natural development process singularly special to lovely young ladies, and there’s no one it pleases more than an old dodderer from the Ministry."

“There’s no need to make all that much of it. It just happened to get a lot hotter than I expected, so I thought I’d do some cooling off."

"Pardon us while we go jump in the lake. It’s the only way to get our temperature down.”

Helen Milligan, Anne Scott, Dawn Grayson, Julie Lane and Jane McKay

Cold Weather Girls

Long Johns are a must for girls who feel the cold weather, such as HELEN MILLIGAN, ANNE SCOTT, DAWN GRAYSON, JULIE LANE, and JANE McKAY.

Anne Scott

Giving a Shine to Winter

If we had to pick any girl to give a shine to winter we wouldn't go far wrong in choosing ANNE SCOTT of Ayrshire.

That well-known smile can do more for chilly goosepimples than a run round the gasworks, especially when it's on show on a crisp and wintry day. Anne has long been one of our own exclusive glamour girls and still her fans write to beg for more.

They like Anne's aptitude for putting over a frilly look just as much as her smile. It’s something they miss out on in these days of jeans.

Anne Scott

Outdoor Hazards

There's nothing wrong with the great outdoors that you can't cure by staying indoors. Cor, what a draught.

But sometimes circumstances force you out and keep you there. Like when TV personality ANNE SCOTT took an outdoor modelling assignment and couldn't ethically back out. And when she found she was modelling lingerie in a temperature that called for a fur coat, she knew what outdoor hazards really were.

Talk about how to look glamorous with shivers rocketing up and down your spine. What a petrifying carry-on.

"I think I'd rather be a non-combatant mercenary,” said Anne.

"What's a non-combatant mercenary?” asked Fred.

"Well,” said Anne, "you get a fabulous wage but you don't have to do any fighting. You sit in the lady officers' mess drinking hot soup and looking terribly cute in a pretty uniform.”

"Mini-skirted?” asked Fred.

"Naturally," said Anne.

"Okay," said Fred, "I'll join the same lot and sit in the lady officers' mess with you.”

"But bring your own soup," said Anne.

Anne Scott

That's A Good Girl

Some girls would either sit around polishing their nails or even disappear behind the door when the family car required cleaning.

Other girls are good girls and don't mind helping at all. as long as dad doesn't ask them just as they're getting dressed for a garden party. ANNE SCOTT is happy to keep the car looking pristine, then she can always put in a request to borrow it without shuffling her feet around.

Polishing can be warm work, and if that means discarding an item or two it all goes to show what a lovely girl she is as well as a good one.

Anne Scott

Yesterday’s Look

It seems from what the fashion pundits say that the era of exquisite feminine lingerie has gone with all the other dated items of yesterday. It's just going to be stretch tights forever from now on, so they say. Even bras are going out. The fashion pundits are always far more interested in selling themselves than in making us happy.

We're not like that. We want to make you happy this month by bringing to your dreamy eyes the look that graced the fashions of yesterday, and ANNE SCOTT in the lingerie that used to make all the advertisements on the underground look so alluring is quite irresistible, don't you think?

If you prefer stretch tights and a body stocking, you're so modern that there's nothing we can do for you.

Anne is a deliciously photogenic Scot from Glasgow.

She looks happy.

Are you happy too now?