Pamela Johnson

Reflective Mood

Fashion model PAMELA JOHNSON, elegantly poised at 5' 6", is in a reflective mood as she eyes herself in the mirror, but her problem isn't the same as yours or ours. She’s bothered about whether to spend two months on the Riviera or three months on the Adriatic. The difference in the time period is governed by economics, it being cheaper on the Adriatic.

But all those marvellous Mediterranean dishes . . .?

Med dishes we like. You’re delicious too, Pam.

Pamela Johnson


If you want to be with it among the modern misses boots are a necessity these days—if you don’t wear a pair you’re a square. Well, we wouldn’t call PAMELA JOHNSON square under any circumstances, not when she has those curvaceous statistics of 35-22-36.

Pamela hails from Rotherham and we must say she looks an absolute peach in her long black boots—but so she does, anyway.

Pamela at the moment works in an office but has hopes and ambitions to become a model. All we can do is advise her to put her best leg forward and step out