Dawn Grayson

How To Be Crazy Without Really Trying

Quite simple. Get yourself introduced to DAWN GRAYSON at a cocktail party for models with a flair for slaying the beholder. One look at our beautiful Dawn and you’ll be as crazy about her as we are. What real man can look into those soft eyes and dwell on that haunting shade of lipstick without wanting to be shot out of a cannon or something? Crazy it might be but undeniably exhilarating.

Dawn Grayson

Girl of Our Times

Considering the millions of girls who are all representative of the absolute fascination of their kind today, it might be difficult for people like geologists and back-room boffins to decide which girl is more representative of our times than all the others.

It's not difficult for us.


Glorious auburn hair, great big eyes, a laugh like the gurgle of a mountain stream and legs so photogenic you can hardly focus proper. That's Dawn. You’ve never seen her before?

Where have you been? Down a gold mine?

Dawn Grayson

Please Write

When DAWN GRAYSON realises her ambition of doing some modelling overseas, we do hope she’ll write.

You can wave goodbye to some girls and it doesn’t matter if they write or not. They’re not all as beautiful as Dawn. They don’t make you bite your nails half as much as Dawn does.

Leave us if you must, darling, but please write. Otherwise we’ll fall into a saucepan of hot cocoa.

Helen Milligan, Anne Scott, Dawn Grayson, Julie Lane and Jane McKay

Cold Weather Girls

Long Johns are a must for girls who feel the cold weather, such as HELEN MILLIGAN, ANNE SCOTT, DAWN GRAYSON, JULIE LANE, and JANE McKAY.

Dawn Grayson

That Reminds Me

“I must get my hair done,” said DAWN GRAYSON.

 “Why must you? It looks fine as it is.”

 ‘‘Which style do you prefer?” she asked.

 ‘‘Oh, are they different, then?”

 “You’re as blind as a bat,” she said.

 “It’s your fault—our eyesight gets all bent every time we look at you.”

Dawn Grayson


When the bath water was halfway up the bath our glamour girl DAWN GRAYSON slipped on the tiles and fell in.

She found herself immersed when she wasn't really dressed for it. She plunged about and called for help and the cameraman went in. He only had his camera with him and said, "I don't think you're actually drowning, so stay like that for a few minutes and I'll capture your impromptu wet look.”

"Wet? I'm soaked,” said Dawn.

"Don't worry, I'll go and get you a lifebelt as soon as I've finished the film,” said he.

"Oh, well, in for a penny, in for a splash," said Dawn.