Penny Leigh

Penny For Your Thoughts

If you often have wistful dreams about someone tender, affectionate and absolutely ravishing who would make you blissfully happy without having to go off to a desert island, you're probably on an all-male expedition to the icy wastes of Greenland.

One girl you'll almost certainly dream about as soon as you see these pics of her is PENNY LEIGH.

She's ever so ravishing.

She likes riding, swimming and motorbikes. She can ride a motorbike like fun. Want to go pillion with her?

If so, hang on blissfully or you'll fall off.

Maureen Beech


Most of you know that adaptability and housewifery go hand-in-hand. Take the case of MAUREEN BEECH, for instance. Maureen not only runs a home, she is also a fashion model and the holder of the title " Miss Brighton and Hove Albion 1965.” Besides adaptability, how's that for getting around?

Maggie McCully

A Work of Art

A work of art more often than not is something they put on a pedestal or hang on a wall and is frequently called a museum piece. There’s the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo and MAGGIE McCULLY, only don’t try hanging Maggie on a wall, even at a Bond Street gallery, or you’ll find yourself in a six-foot frame and with a bump on your head that’ll fit a half-pint skid-lid.

Of course, if you’re a lover of art and subject to fragilistic trembling’s in the presence of the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo, you won’t be without palpitations in the presence of Maggie, either. As the epitome of all that is inspiring about the modern girl,

Maggie is even better than a work of art.

She lives and breathes and loves a sleigh ride.

Jane Dixon

Oh, Those Irish Eyes

Some Irish housewives have got a lovely way of frying bacon; others have the most bewitching way of looking all cuddly.

We know a very bewitching Irish housewife. She's JANE DIXON.

Her way of bewitching a feller is to flash her Irish eyes at him. Irish eyes are soft, limpid, saucy and provoking. You can write poetry about them and get ten marks out ten from teacher for same.

You can certainly write poetry about Jane, and don't be put off by her trendy see-through. Keep looking into her eyes until you go all glazed and then you'll be in the mood to write the dreamiest poetry ever.

It doesn't have to rhyme; it just has to have a lilting flow.

Leslie Langham

The Problem of a Mini


I live in North London, it’s rather super there and some of the boys are awfully good at Whistling. I suppose they’re training to be football referees. I have a most interesting job. I’m a demonstrator of office equipment. That’s where I find a mini-skirt has its problems. Whenever I’m demonstrating a desk with self-locking keyholes, I seem to be all legs. I’m always saying, “Oh, pardon me,’’ and adjusting my skirt, but everyone is awfully sweet and office managers never seem to mind a bit.

I have to be with it, of course. I can’t not wear a mini, it would be an unbearable drag to dress in trousers, but sometimes I’m not sure if office managers are paying proper attention to my demonstration of an electric typewriter.

It’s very flattering, I must say.

Adrienne Houston


22-year-old ADRIENNE HOUSTON is a beautician and fills the first requisite of her job by being beautiful herself. If you feel your girlfriend isn’t making the most of her charm, send her along to Adrienne and she will emerge from the salon so ravishing that you’ll think she’s really much too good for you. Then where do you go from there?

Adrienne’s own charm lies not in her countenance alone, for she has beautiful legs and a trim figure that measures 35-22-35.

Sandra McPherson

Skirts Are Short This Year!

Girl going shopping in her short short skirt is SANDRA McPHERSON, the pride of Bonny Scotland.

If you trip up on the way down, you can't say it was because your feet got tangled up in the skirt!

Be like Sandra. Having regained controlled equilibrium, look as if you regard the whole thing with nonchalant indifference.

You will then arrive at the door looking like a well-dressed futuristic shopper of 19??

Julia Wendon

Student of Medicine

Still studying hard at college is Yorkshire girl JULIA WENDON, and she's after a degree in medicine.

In between putting her nose to the academic grindstone of medicine, Julia engages in all the pursuits that keep a girl fit, like tennis, netball and squash — Squash?

Not your kind of squash, Harold. And then she also goes in for pursuits that keep a girl happy, like beauty competitions and dancing and glamour modelling.

Tell her that keeps me happy too.

Push off to Hastings, Harold, and get yourself one in the eye.

Jill Summers

How Do They Look To You?

Irish model JILL SUMMERS has a lovely negligee and a beautiful perm, but currently she’s concentrating on the effect of her new black nylons. Jill thinks they make quite a contrast to her white frills—but how do they look to you? No postcards, please—just whistles.

Lisa Linnette

It’s Great Out West

We don’t know how long ago it was when some knowledgeable American newspaper tycoon coined the phrase, ‘Go West, young man,’ It doesn’t really matter. It’s still the place to go to. As far west as Vancouver, for instance, the girls are gorgeous and apart from the one-track-minded prospectors who never think about anything but nuggets as big as their heads, what greater incentive is there to the young man than glamour?

For instance, meet LISA LINNETTE, Vancouver singer and dancer, lovely to look at and delightful to know.

Let’s face it. If the girls out west really are as gorgeous as Lisa, who wants to go anywhere else? To the young man already there we can only say we hope you know when you're well off.

Tracy Collins

The Next Look

Wanting to anticipate the next look in way-out fashions, TRACY COLLINS opted for stripes worn with careless abandon, pink lace panties and black nylons.

Tracy, constantly seen around Chelsea where she shares an artistic pad with other working girls, isn't going to be left looking dead old-fashioned in a blanket style poncho when fashion hits a new trend. She wants to be first with the next look.

Tell you what, we go for those undone stripes.

With what clinical appraisal one can sum up their market potential. Swinging all the way.

Margo Hamilton

Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

If it’s true that gentlemen prefer blondes—we’re definitely open-minded on that point—it must be blondes like Margo who sway the issue.

Well, in black frills, not only is her fairness emphasised to the point where susceptible types are willing to carry a torch for blondes forever, but so are her long and lovely legs.

Anyone not in favour of Margo as an irresistible representative of beautiful blondes? In that case, you're sold on brunettes, but that, of course, doesn’t noticeably weaken Margo’s representative qualifications. It can't—she’s too beautiful.

Pamela Beeston

Something to Sing About

WELL, if you’re as pretty as PAMELA BEESTON, with the best years of your life still in front of you, you’d sing too, wouldn’t you?

Pamela is a shorthand-typist of Co. Durham, whose current hobbies are dancing and pop music, and these, together with her charm, her attractiveness and her statistics of 36-24-36 make her just about as representative of today’s modern girl as she could be.

The young senoritas of Spain or the chic young madams of France have nothing-absolutely nothing-on ours. Pamela’s pretty proof of that!

Deborah Stephens

Seven-Minute Itch

There was nothing but sunshine and perfect peace around when DEBORAH STEPHENS first sat down to her picnic. They say that after seven years even the best of husbands (or wives) are inclined to get an itch, but only seven short minutes had gone by on this occasion when an itch attacked our Debbie.

She’d just got herself comfortably settled on her tummy— without lying on the strawberry jam sandwiches—when she found herself idly scratching her leg. Debbie has a very nice leg, but she doesn’t often also have an itch.

Initially, let’s face it, she wasn’t all that bothered. She was, in fact, scratching her leg fairly absent-mindedly, until quite suddenly the cause of the itch actually bit her.

“Help!” yelled Debbie. “It’s ants with long fangs!”

No help in the form of, say, an anteater being around at the time, Debbie panicked and dived headfirst under the picnic tablecloth, where she waved two shapely legs very wildly in the air—until a sense of dignity overcame a sense of flustered retreat. Whereupon Debbie sat up. Who won the day, Debbie or the ants?

“I won,” said Debbie, “I’m sitting on them, and if every ant isn’t as flat as a pancake then my eight stone two pounds counts for absolutely nothing.”