Jennifer Taylor

It’s Beautiful In Bristol

In our companion magazine, SPICK, there are some real dolly pictures this month that depict what a lovely city Bristol is. They're pictures of a Bristol girl, JENNIFER APRIL ANN TAYLOR.

Well, you ought to see why it’s beautiful in Bristol too. It’s all because of Jennifer, the swingiest and most delicious dolly of the golden West (when it's raining and not so golden, who cares?).

Long-legged, with long, dark lustrous hair, Jennifer looks like every man’s dream of paradise, with sumptuous cooking thrown in. She looks gorgeous whether she's boarding a bus or sunning herself on the back lawn. Well, as a matter of fact, when she's boarding a bus in her mini she's an eye-stunning rhapsody. And when she's sunning herself on the back lawn all the young husbands come around to borrow the watering-can or something.

Jennifer, in fact, is a beautiful dream, and we wouldn't half like it if we lived next door to her.

Jennifer Taylor

It’s Magic

What is?

Any picture of JENNIFER TAYLOR that tells you not every tomorrow is just another washing day. Jennifer, a young and lovely Bristol housewife, is an entirely bewitching example of how to be lovely and married.

You don't have to go around the house looking as if you've just untangled yourself from the cooking pots, says Jennifer. You can still look like the Queen of Sheba if you've a mind to, and husbands just love that.

Jennifer is a natural glamour girl, beautifully shapely and the Number One pin-up favourite of her adoring hubby. Some guys are so lucky it hurts us.