Carol Hans

Carolling Along

Going around the Continental countries and touring all over Britain, blonde CAROL HANS just makes for any cameraman's dream, carolling along in leggy style.

Well, she can sing a bit, you know. She sings as she walks. She's been all over everywhere, singing all the way.

She's so easy on the ear and she's magical on the eye. It comes from being a lovely baby and growing up into a lovely girl. There are people who can't find anything right with the world.

They're nutheads.

Angelika Fakelberg

Intense Time

West German student ANGELIKA FAKELBERG is having a very intense time at the moment, swotting for nothing but exams.

It's all reference books and brain work.

You wouldn't think, would you, that anyone as pretty as Angelika would need to worry about brains, but the world being what it is a girl these days needs them as she's never needed them before.

That's what comes of equality and having to show men you're as good as they are. It's not enough now to have intuition and the beguiling aptitude for making men go on their knees when they offer diamond bracelets, you've got to beat them to their knees in other ways.

It’s getting awful

Nicola Taylor

Anyone Feel Dizzy ?

According to her fans, NICOLA TAYLOR turns them all on, and there's hardly a day goes by without some entirely susceptible Charley boy doesn't spin round until he drops.

Nicola is a Hampshire girl with her own way of looking lovely. She simply remains herself.

There was a sensitive baby elephant which spent all its growing years trying to look like a bunch of flowers. It didn't create any real impact, and one day when it emerged from the river looking exactly like a growing baby elephant, an American lady tourist said, "Oh, how cute, can I buy that one?"

The baby elephant was happy ever after.

There you are, then. If you're lovely in your own way, be like Nicola and the baby elephant. Just remain yourself and don't grow a beard.

Joy Harries

One of the Joys of Life

The best secretaries today all seem to be raving beauties, and if they'd been part of the scene in Dickens' time he'd have dispensed with Little Nell and filled his books with heroines who had far more vibrations, and who were full of the joys of life.

One of the joys of life today is secretary JOY HARRIES.

Here she is on the seat at the bottom of her garden in Hertfordshire.

We know you'd all like one like Joy at the bottom of your gardens, but supposing suddenly you did have? You'd only go all non-compos mentis and quivery and inarticulate. What the one cool man in a hundred would do would be to bow slightly, extend a hand and say, "Ah, my dear Miss Harries, shall we take tea on the lawn or shall I show you the conservatory?"

Joy would like that. She can take tea or leave it, but she adores conservatories and hot plants.

Marie Fitzgerald

Delightful Dolly

Hampshire secretary MARIE FITZGERALD loves all the mini fashions and lace-up boots.

We love all the mini fashions too, and go overboard for secretaries in lace-up boots. With all the worries, we’ve got about the bomb, Vietnam and Rhodesia we need such diversification as the sight of mini dollies tripping lightly past our windows. We can’t spend all our time mentally agonising over the stupidity of so many.

Irene Oberzig

Tres Tricky

There was once a feller called Buck Upp who tried to drink a quart of beer out of a Christmas balloon but it blew up in his unprepared kisser and squirted light ale all down the neck of his hunting shirt.

There was also the girl in the skirt and Hungarian petticoats who said “I bet I can squeeze through a small hoop feet first in five seconds.” And she did but it took a lot longer than five seconds and she didn’t half look pretty.

People like to try things the tricky way, it’s a bit of a gamble that we all enjoy. For instance, the trickiest place in which to change a pair of nylons is the driving seat of a car. West Berlin fraulein, IRENE OBERZIG, tried it and proved it.

She could have gone into her office and used the powder room and changed in comfort, but no, in the tradition of Buck Upp and the man who tried to lasso an elephant with his braces, Irene used the front seat of her car. Oh well, they will do it.

What made her fall down afterwards?

It was all that cramp.

Three’s a Crowd

Marie Graham, Eve Law and Nicola Taylor

Three always is a nice crowd when it's made up of MARIE GRAHAM, standing, blonde EVE LAW kneeling on the left and NICOLA TAYLOR on the right.

 The girls got together in a young wives' Club P.T. session, designed to keep one's shape shapely, and we snaked along and sneaked our photographer in to make a record of the proceedings.

 It was fun, really, and being really hospitable they gave him tea when he'd snapped his final shot.

Jo Shrimpton

Take a Break

Housewife JO SHRIMPTON was fearfully busy.

There are always chores and they don't half keep a girl on the go. Jo, however, likes to take a mid-morning break. After all, what about that poor housewife who got so fatigued that she was sucked up by the vacuum cleaner?

Jo wasn't having that. So after a break for elevenses she took up a five-minute routine of physical re-orientation. A toning-up exercise. Knees bend and all that brisk stuff.

Looks lovely, she does, when she's at it.

She can cope with the insidious attentions of any vacuum cleaner after that.

Marie Graham

Not Just A Pretty Face

MARIE GRAHAM, is not just a pretty face. Some of you fellers couldn't care less if she had six degrees in the higher arts, because you all love a pretty face notwithstanding, like.

Even so, aren't you interested in the fact that Marie can do things to a car just as efficiently as you can?

Or are you more interested in just sitting back and watching her at work?

All right, don’t all shout at once.

Jennifer Taylor

It’s Beautiful In Bristol

In our companion magazine, SPICK, there are some real dolly pictures this month that depict what a lovely city Bristol is. They're pictures of a Bristol girl, JENNIFER APRIL ANN TAYLOR.

Well, you ought to see why it’s beautiful in Bristol too. It’s all because of Jennifer, the swingiest and most delicious dolly of the golden West (when it's raining and not so golden, who cares?).

Long-legged, with long, dark lustrous hair, Jennifer looks like every man’s dream of paradise, with sumptuous cooking thrown in. She looks gorgeous whether she's boarding a bus or sunning herself on the back lawn. Well, as a matter of fact, when she's boarding a bus in her mini she's an eye-stunning rhapsody. And when she's sunning herself on the back lawn all the young husbands come around to borrow the watering-can or something.

Jennifer, in fact, is a beautiful dream, and we wouldn't half like it if we lived next door to her.

Barbara Valentin

Continental Chat

One way of spending a couple of chatty Hours with your girlfriend is to ring her up and let her pursue her natural talent for making a phone conversation last all day.

It’s even more like that on the Continent. The Continentals being naturally loquacious it’s asking for trouble to phone them when you’re in a hurry.

There was that nice feller Arnold, whose speciality was buying old electric kettles from gullible housewives and turning them into steam irons for the price of a new tweed suit. They never worked, of course, but he had such a way with him that no housewife ever complained. Anyway, he met an absolutely beautiful damsel called BARBARA VALENTIN when he was on the Continent.

When he got back to London he rang her up to ask her if he could see her in Cannes later that year. After listening to her answer, which was all in lovely lilting Latin and took two hours to deliver, Arnold managed to get a word in.

“What was that you said?” he asked numbly.

“Oui,” replied Barbara, and then in fascinating English she added, “And please, zat steam kettle you sell me, it do not work, no, never, it only spits hot water at me.”

“Oh?” said Arnold embarrassedly.

“Please,” said Barbara, “you send me back my money or I knock your big head off and queeck.”

Sarah Smith

Our Miss Smith

There are any amount of Miss Smiths.

Some are sort of negative, some are quite divine.

Our Miss Smith is simply herself. Ravishing.

Full name? SARAH SMITH. She's a Glasgow girl with a lovely Scottish accent, she works as a secretary and models in her spare time. She wears mini-kilts in tartan recognition of her clan and the loveliest, briefest mini-dresses in delicious acknowledgement of her shapely legs.

She's whistled all the way to the office in the mornings and all the way home at night.

And what's fairer than that?

Louise Burton

Some Birds Fly Away

There was Sir James in his deerstalking outfit and there at the gate was a beautiful bird. In his deerstalking gear Sir James naturally never went after birds, as it wasn't ethical except when he was wearing his grouse get-up.

However, any man would be a fool to commit himself to ethics as inelastic as that.

"Gad," he muttered, "a young dear is as good as an old doe any day, never mind if me suit is inappropriate."

He doffed his hat and bowed. The beautiful bird looked up, Sir James heard a swish of wings and there she was, flying away.

Some birds always fly away when aristocracy gets too close. You can't trust those pent-up deerstalkers. LOUISE BURTON is just such a bird, and Sir James didn't need his binoculars to see she was a beautiful one.

Louise lives in Brighton, spends the summers on the beach and her holidays in Spain. The matadors out there don't half give the bulls what for when Louise is around.

"Cor, what a life," panted Ferdinand, "I wish she'd go away."

Tamie Scott

Secretary On The Go

Life isn't necessarily a matter of waiting around for things to happen. Fred was all right as long as he stayed in bed, but being all by himself it got inexorably dull.

So, he got up and went out in search of a happening. It was a windy day, the washing got blown off the line of No. 63 Planet Avenue and suddenly there was Fred with stockings and frillies and things wrapped around his neck. And there was also a blushing young housewife calling, "Stop, thief." Fred nearly got arrested.

Fortunately, a girl whizzing by in her sports car had seen the happening and was able to testify that Fred had been an innocent victim of the breezes. Fred thought it was absolutely lovely of her and was about to ask her up for cocoa in token of his gratitude when she said, "Well, so long, old sport," and off she whizzed.

TAMIE SCOTT is like that. She's a secretary always on the go. She's nineteen and at that age who ever feels tired? It's different with Fred. He's got flat feet. Tamie has got curves and long lovely legs.

Molly Shannon

Give Molly a ring

Around the fascinating street markets of London wander the seekers after the old and the ancient.

Among those with a keen eye for the genuine is MOLLY SHANNON. Whenever Molly can spare time from her job as a shorthand-typist she pops into the market throngs. Actually, Molly stands out in a throng. So, do most blue-eyed blondes with vitalistics of 36-24-37.

At seventeen she's already an expert on antique rings. She collects them and has bought the most fascinating ones for a song. So if you're dying to ingratiate yourself with her, and you'd be a hopeless case of fragility if you weren't, you couldn’t do better than give her a ring.

It has to be a ring of antique splendour, of course. Don't try and foist a fake on her. She'll never wear it.