Adrienne Houston


22-year-old ADRIENNE HOUSTON is a beautician and fills the first requisite of her job by being beautiful herself. If you feel your girlfriend isn’t making the most of her charm, send her along to Adrienne and she will emerge from the salon so ravishing that you’ll think she’s really much too good for you. Then where do you go from there?

Adrienne’s own charm lies not in her countenance alone, for she has beautiful legs and a trim figure that measures 35-22-35.

Adrienne Houston

You Look Delightful

What I can’t understand (said elegant beautician ADRIENNE HOUSTON to her friend, Maggie) is that every time I go out to look my best for SPICK, I seem to get as involved as a cross-country runner and how my nylons and frillies survive it all is a miracle.

Miss Houston, worry not, you look delightful.