Sandie Brown

The Girl and the Décor

Some people—the aesthetic, art-collecting kind—think the most important thing to have in the home is decor. Once upon a time, certainly, nobody thought a home looked anything if it didn’t have wallpaper full of roses, but that was as far as it went. There might be a stuffed bird or two, a bow-legged table and an aspidistra, but all in all what really counted was the little woman.

In Victorian times she had to be a big woman. Well, they believed in women looking like women. None of your Twiggies. She had to be built, and if she wasn’t she used a bustle to help.

So, what do you look for today—velvet curtains, colourful decor, wall tables? Or a wife like SANDIE BROWN, who’d take your mind off any decor, no matter how way out? Sandie has a bewitching figure 38"-24"-37"—and we can tell you straight, we wouldn’t care if the decor was all old and peeling as long as we had Sandie to look at.

Of course, if you are incurably aesthetic but also incurably human, you’d like the girl and the decor, wouldn’t you?