Linda Crosby

Take a Letter

THE day-to-day routine of pretty LINDA CROSBY consists of taking dictation from her boss, for Linda is a shorthand-typist. She is also photogenic enough to be a glamour girl, but for the moment is quite happy working at the office and taking life as she finds it.

Linda is eighteen, is a Lancashire girl and with statistics of 36-23-36 looks naturally good in a sweater. At 5' 7” tall she admires men who are six-footers, and as far as types are concerned it’s Latin for preference.

Probably her Latin preference stems from the fact that Linda has worked in Spain, and there is nothing quite like the courtesy those matadors out there extend to English girls. It makes a girl feel real good.

So, any time you should meet Linda yourself remember you'll go down as quite a type yourself if you can manage a little Castilian courtesy. You won’t have to fight a bull. Mainly, it's a few old world bows and a kiss or two on the hand. Cor!