Susan Howard

Please Don’t Make Me Laugh

No, please don't make me laugh, said SUSAN HOWARD, I get all giggly and it won't go away.

I'm learning Esperanto, you see, and you need to be terribly serious about it and concentrate like a girl sticking on her false eyelashes for her most important date.

And then my dad comes along and says something comical and I giggle all over my books and the pages blow apart. He says I ought to get a job as assistant to a TV funny man, he says I’d be just right for that.

I hope you don't mind girls who giggle a lot, do you? Oh, thank you. You're a very sweet photographer. Oh, no, don't start making funny faces or I'll get all hysterical.

I’m sorry, I just thought you were, I didn't realise your face was always like that.