Margaret Coates

Efficiency Experts

Well, that’s what the efficiency experts tell you. But efficiency experts are all bred from computers and know nothing of the pleasures of a filing system that is all haywire or the joys of flinging papers this way and that as you rip the cabinet to pieces looking for last year’s price list.

But complementary to this is a shorthand-typist who remains cool, calm and collected all through the rainstorm of carbon copies and brings you a chocolate biscuit with your coffee.

Shorthand-typist looking very cool on a humid day is MARGARET COATES who works in a Cardiff office. She doesn’t always look like this, of course, unless she’s got the place to herself. She just knows that on a humid day there's an obvious way of remaining cool, calm and collected.

It makes a change from other days when chaos prevails and she finds a near-demented boss has put her into the filing cabinet with all the other impedimenta.