Angela Jones

What About Lunch?

The fact is we were so struck by ANGELA JONES when she came all the way down from Birmingham to see us that we thought we’d brighten up our corned beef salad by asking her to share it. Usually, lunch is just a time of the day for us when we consume our vittles with abstract indifference, but there are lunches and lunches.

There is nothing the addition of salt and pepper or salad dressing can do for a lunch that a girl like Angela can’t do better. Having Angela at the table would be like garnishing the whole meal with gay spice, because Angela, frankly or perhaps you can see this yourself? —is exciting, glamorous and exotic.

But Angela already had a date. What girl as exciting, glamorous and exotic as this wouldn’t? All we were left with was our unadorned table and our ungarnished salad. Pass the mustard, Bert.

Never mind. There’s always another day. Angela will pass our way again, no doubt, and this time we’ll take her off to our Bingo club.