Marion Cleer

Home Girl

Poised very domesticatedly against her home background is MARION CLEER, which makes a bit of a change from pent-up dolls waving banners in aid of Germaine Greer or Bubbles Fortescue.

Bubbles Fortescue? Who's she when she’s got a train to catch?

Oh, just a woman mountaineer with a sense of grievance that it's only men who fall off Everest.

Our Marion quite likes men, really. They're not as brilliant as women, of course, but as a home girl Marion hopes one day to settle down with a fairly nice one. At present she's a secretary in Poole, Dorset, and her boss thinks the world of her. Naturally.

She's twenty-one, green-eyed and blonde, and as well as cook books she also loves horse-riding.