Samantha Davis

Keeping Up With Samantha

If you're ambitious in an energetic kind of way you'd probably find that keeping up with SAMANTHA DAVIS wouldn't actually break your leg, even if it did other things.

Samantha is just crazy about music to start with, so you'd need to know as much as she does about every composer from Beethoven to the Stones. That would set your mental energies back as much as you'd want, and you'd only have just begun.

Next, you'd have to be able to play a swinging, biffing game of tennis and a zooming, bounding game of netball or basketball, if you must. Add to that Samantha's interest in photography, and if you weren't able to snap a wall-tailed kirtlewarbler on your first day out on the top of a sharp mountain, you'd possibly be dropped or at least left behind.

Well, that's enough of that. Samantha is a hotel receptionist and we'll just keep up with her in the hotel lobby. We know our limitations.

If you must have Samantha's statistics, they're 35-23-36, and she likes flowers instead of chocs when she's taken to the theatre.