Janet Neill

The Wedding !

If you were to get an invitation from Janet to dine at your most exclusive local restaurant, you would no doubt, providing you could afford it, be there like a shot.

So too, was our photographer, but he sneaked along to Janet’s place even before she was ready. He’s pretty keen on Janet, if you know what we mean ! What a shock he got though when he found out he’d been invited to the wedding !

Crystall Dawson

The Girl Across The Way

One day a family moved into the empty house across the street from Percy, and from then on Percy spent his time peeping through his letter-box to see what he could see of the young lady there.

Her name was CRYSTALL DAWSON, and as far as Percy was concerned, she was the cutest-looking girl who’d ever lived opposite, and after five minutes he was nuts about her. Then his mother caught up with him and yanked him into the back room.

“ Aw, mum,” said Percy (who was thirteen and growing fast), “ be a sport, mum. Lemme have another dekko, mum.”

“ Percy,” said his mum, “ I have enough trouble with your father’s weakness for a pretty face. I’m not having the same trouble with you.”

Oblivious of her young admirer opposite, Crystall was getting the house in order and waiting for the rest of her clothes to arrive.

Crystall’s a typist, but would rather be a fashion model. Percy, a deadhead on careers, just thought she was a smasher.

Crystall is 5' 4", and measures 36"-24"-36". Figures to Percy just mean homework. Homework? There’s a clue there somewhere!

Tea is served and even coffee-drinkers can’t resist this!

Finally, of course, there's the afternoon must for every girl, irrespective of age or measurements — a nice cuppa.

Three lumps, please.

Jean Belvin

Fireside Frills

Keeping the fireside looking a lot more attractive than if she weren’t there is dark-eyed JEAN BELVIN.

The usual fireside adornment, apart from the tongs and the toasting fork, is a fat cat or a plump Pekinese. While we’re not prepared to make an issue of this with animal-lovers, the preference most people would have would favour Jean, and the cat would have to make do inside the coal-scuttle.

Removal of the plump Pekinese might be a little more difficult. You might even get bitten. But if you want to make room for an adornment as pretty as Jean muzzle the pup before you grab him.

In case you didn’t know, Jean is a receptionist who looks extremely chic in frilly black nylon. We know there's no connection, but we just thought we’d mention it. Ambition is to be a model pin-up!

Jean figures that her measurements of 36"-24"-36" keep her looking slick—and they don't give her any worry about what not to eat.


Decorative Architect

Architecture as a profession is not closed to the fair sex, and if you thought it was its time our ANGELA gave you reason to re-orientate your thinking. Our Angela knows a blue-print when she sees one.

Angela can not only apply herself practically to architecture, she can also get down to the job of blowing up the fire as gracefully as any full-time housewife, and certainly looks a lot better at it than we do.

Sadie Milligan

Dressed For The Part

Getting down — or should it be getting up? — to a spot of do-it-yourself decorating is bright and bonny SADIE MILLIGAN. And Sadie believes in the outfit being suitable to the occasion.

That’s why for stripping the walls to the bare foundations Sadie strips to the bare necessities. But why is it that the phone always rings at the most inconvenient moment!

That was the landlord on the line. He wanted to know how the decorating was progressing. Sadie told him it was progressing in a series of stripes and polka dots. That left him feeling bewitched, bewildered—and rather worried!

Sadie’s a 19 year old Scot with vitalistics of 34"-24"-36".

Breezy No 14

A Matter of Choice

“Now just to settle an argument readers, which do you think are the most attractive? You know, we sisters have terrible rows over which is best.”

 “Like I was saying, some prefer white, others prefer black.

 “But the best way is to put it to the readers.

 “Black stockings, black underwear, black suspenders, or flesh coloured nylons, garters and white undies?"

 “I'm sure we can safely leave it to you though, can’t we? ‘Over to You’ Your vote will decide."

Spick and Span Calendar

1956 - Pin-Up Calendar

As far as I am aware this was the only calendar that ToCo Published.

Elaine Stephens

Pigtails and Pep

When ELAINE STEPHENS was a leggy schoolgirl she used to find that the noisy boys wanted to tweak her pigtails and the nice boys wanted to carry her books. The barbarous ones only ever wanted to kiss her.

Elaine, all grown-up now. still has her pigtails—but no one pulls them anymore, and no one carries her books.

The barbarous boys who have grown into barbarous men are the ones who have remained in the picture, of course.

"The trouble is." says Elaine, "they still think Sunday afternoons are the time for them to come around and kiss me in the summer-house. What sauce!

When I was a schoolgirl. I’ll admit I did get kissed in the summer-house, but I never ever go in there now— except on Sunday afternoons."

Directoire Controversy

Directoire Controversy

Dear Rosemary,

Letter No. 77 by Escort caused quite an argument in our private club the other evening. It was mentioned that he had said that directoire knic­kers were only worn nowadays by schoolgirls and old maids. Several of the girls present heatedly denied this and were led in their arguments by Helen, who is about as glamorous a girl as anyone could wish to meet. She agreed that some directoire knickers, and especially those of the 1920’s were too full and didn’t emphasize the figure sufficiently, but maintained that modern knickers, if tastefully chosen, could be equally glamorous as the French type. She said that they were much more comfortable and warmer on cold winter days because of the elastic around the legs, and that she herself wore them frequently. The majority of us replied, that, although we certainly couldn’t accuse her of being either an old maid or a schoolgirl, we thought that the flowing lines of the French type were much more glam­orous. Helen grew quite excited about the subject and declared that she was wearing directoire knickers at that moment, and that if one of the girls who was wear­ing the French variety would volunteer to help, she would show us her own and let us decide on the spot. After some hesitation among the girls, Jean blushingly promised to help her out.

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Startling Statistics

Startling Statistics

Fads and Fancies No 4 (1950)

Dear Rosemary, 

I have been trying to compile a census of what types of undies women and girls I know are wearing and I have now got together sufficient figures to provide what should be an in­teresting few paragraphs for fellow-readers of Fads & Fancies.

Of the 40 females who agreed to give me the information I wanted, 14 preferred French knickers, 12 cami-knickers, 9 directoire knickers, 3 short briefs, and 2 tight fitting trunks. I found that in really hot weather no less than 13 of these left off anything in the way of underwear round her hips. I did not find a girl who never wore knickers of any description.

The ages of the girls and women were from 16 to 37, and the distribution of the types of underwear was interesting. Of the class 16 to 23, 2 wore French knickers... 2... cami-knickers, 5 directoire knickers and 2 tight fitting trunks. Of the 24 to 30 class, 5 wore French knickers, 4 camiknickers, 3 directoire knick­ers and 3 wore trunks. Of the 31 to 37 class,7 wore French knickers, 6 camiknickers, 1 directoire knickers. 

From these figures it would seem that the younger girls have to wear, or prefer to wear the more tightly fitting underwear; while the older girl who can choose for herself. Prefers the looser garments which I personally prefer.

During this investigation, in which I found most of my friends very co-operative, a few interest­ing facts emerged. About half the girls wore brassieres, mostly the younger girls. The others pre­ferred the bosom to be free and unrestricted, generally because of the pleasure produced when silk or satin blouses were worn im­mediately over it.

Suspender belts were of the tiny type meant to do no more than keep stockings up, unless the figure was such that a corset was essential. Some belts were dainty, trimmed with a little lace, but most were the pink satin or bro­cade type.

My own choice for an attractive girl is as follows. Sheer nylon stockings, suspender belt in black lace, with three suspenders to each leg. Brassiere of the same material, and very wide legged cami-knickers in flame colored satin, flared at the hips; with black lace insertions at bust and hips. Trimmed at the bust and legs with white lace one inch wide. Black satin frock, tight at the bust, with zip fastener to the waist, down the front, very wide skirt to the frock.

I hope other readers will submit the results of their investigations, and I hope you will publish all of general interest.

Yours truly,      PETER.