Sarah Marsden

Among The Bric-A-Brac

Quite close to Portobello Road in London lives SARAH MARSDEN, textiles salesgirl.

The Portobello Road is famous for its market, which specialises in stalls loaded with antiques valuable and useless, cheap and dear. Many a fantastic find has been made there by antique collectors with an eye for a true bargain.

Sarah has such an eye. She can see through any old white elephant and has acquired a quite valuable collection of Victorian bric-a-brac and Victorian clothes. She also has a flair for old china dolls.

We went off china dolls, old or new, when we first discovered that girls were living, breathing wonders. Sarah is our idea of a living, breathing wonder of today, and anytime she'd like to entertain us among her bric-a-brac we'll do some research on Victorian knockers and have a lovely antique conversation with her.