June Perfect

Selection Perfect

Where could you expect to find a dollier dolly than in a theatrical agency? Well, it so happens that Blodwen Morgan- Jones will bet you a hindquarter of chilled beef—worth a packet of anybody's money—that the really scrumptious dollies are only to be found in the Welsh hills.

"Exactly whereabouts?" said Fred passionately.

"Ah, bach," said Blodwen, "anywhere in the hills, but they only come out at night, look you, for seen in the light of day they'd all be carried off by those rampaging Normans."

She must be living in the primitive past or something. We're living in the present, all cracking fireworks and vibrating dollies.

This one is JUNE PERFECT. She's secretary to a theatrical agent who specialises in auditioning beautiful birds to send to the European capitals as Go-Go dancers. There is, apparently, an unending demand for English Go-Goers throughout Europe.

All the girls are first interviewed by June. Only the best get by.

Her selection is always perfect.