Sylvan Collins

Seen the View Dad?

"Come here, son. Look at this. It's a lyxtuscancilius. Not many of them about these days."

 "Just as well, dad. It's horrible. I like daisies best. You seen the view, dad?"

 "Not now, son. I'm concentrating on this lyxtuscancilius."

 "I never seen a view as good as this, dad."

 "What view? Here, half a tick, stand aside, my boy. Ah. Mmm. Now look, son, here's two bob. Go to that shop two miles down the road and buy yourself an ice cream. If you see your mother tell her I sat on a lyxtuscancilius and I'll join her when I'm better."

 "I'll tell her about the view too, shall I, dad?"

 "Would you like a thumping or another two bob?"

 "Make it another two bob, dad."

Dad wasn't so potty about wild flowers that he couldn't recognise a view as lovely as the one SYLVAN COLLINS made.

Sylvan is a London dolly who looks swinging in a discotheque and absolutely enchanting in the sunshine. Wasn't it wonderful that dad had his camera with him to capture a permanent record of the view?