Katie Saunders

Making Progress

When KATIE SAUNDERS moved to a new job in an office in York, everyone sat up. The men sat up because Katie was so good to look at and the girls sat up because they so liked the look of Katie’s outfit. Katie’s outfit was a cool white button-up top and a tangerine mini-skirt, and to go with this eye-catching ensemble she had precision and efficiency. She also had a lovely figure and a pair of ice skates. “I’m dead fed-up she’s so efficient,” said one smitten feller, “I’d love to show her how to do the filing.”

Katie was only concerned with doing a good day’s work and making progress so that she could buy a new pair of skates and a “come dancing” dress. Katie is devoted to figure eights and to the ballroom. Figure eights are good for the form, and ballroom dancing gives a girl grace and poise. Katie proves it. Absolutely gorgeous girl.