Carole Christie

Who’s the Cute One?

“Ooh, what a dream,” said Esmerelda when she saw cute Cuthbert the kitten.

“By Harry, what a dream,” said Ethelred when he saw cute CAROLE CHRISTIE.

And Esmerelda gave chase to Cuthbert and Ethelred would have given chase to Carole, but Carole stuck her foot out and Ethelred being Ethelred wasn’t ready for it. He tripped over it and nearly fell off Beachy Head.

It put him right off the place. Well, Carole lives near Beachy Head and the drop is frightening.

And after Cuthbert the kitten had scratched Esmerelda, Esmerelda went home with a preference for puppies. Cuthbert went home to Carole and Carole tickled the back of his neck and he liked it so much he went to sleep. Wasn’t that a nice story, kiddies?