Maggie McCully

Winter Frills

The background is Surrey in winter, the girl with the frills is cute MAGGIE McCULLY, the hat exclusive. What makes a better picture?

Maggie lives in Surrey herself, and is gay enough to do a little tree climbing in her best Sunday dress. She is a short-hand-typist who has just begun to do a little part-time modelling, and we must say that hat is as photogenic as Maggie herself.

There's a touch of old Ireland in that smile and a whisper of rustling nylon in the frills. Oh, to be in Surrey now that Maggie’s here!

A girl sitting on a tree is elegant when it's Maggie— and if the elegance looks somewhat disarranged when Maggie falls off, who could make the bump take on the same gaiety as she does?

In fact, Maggie turns the fall and the bump into a picture of a girl sitting pretty. Maggie’s vitalistics? 36-23-36.