Nicki Denell

Disco Dolly

It's music all the way for most young people. For some old people, there hasn't been any music at all since the Charleston went out of fashion. Well, we all have our nostalgic periods, and there are thousands already nostalgic about the Beatles.

"Who are the Beatles?" asked six-year-old Francesca of her young mum and dad, and young mum and dad almost broke down and wept.

For eighteen-year-old NICKI DENELL it's today's music that counts. Nicki spends every evening Go-Go dancing with a mobile discotheque. That's the way to swing it, Fred, never mind what it was like when you were in Italy in 1 944.

Nicki's love of pop is only equalled by her ambition to get into films. She's maybe on the way, for recently she had an audition for a part in a movie to be made in Yorkshire. That'll be handy as well as ecstatic for Nicki—she lives in Leeds.