Mitzi McLean

Merry Mitzi

Very merry maid is MITZI McLEAN, never without a smile—unless she falls off a bus —and never without a laughing quip. As appealing as all Scots girls always are, Mitzi loves every moment of life, and if politicians and anarchists want to run riot, they’re welcome, but they don’t get the kick out of things that Mitzi does.

Mitzi is a much-travelled girl. She used to run a successful hairdressing establishment until she decided to up and see the world.

And Mitzi upped and saw the world just like that. She is brilliantly clever speaks several languages and knows most questions and answers.

For the benefit of international wolves, we’d like to say that Mitzi not only speaks all these languages but can say no in every one. A feature of Mitzi’s pin-up appeal are her long and lovely legs, as you can see for yourselves.