Helen Stewart

It Makes a Change

Usually housewife HELEN STEWART doesn't have time to join her husband on his angling trips. There's too much to do at home and it takes hours, apparently, to catch more than a tiddler.

Helen lives in Ayrshire, but it's not true the fish are underdeveloped there. They're just craftier, that's all.

Anyway, Helen found time to join hubby one afternoon. It was a nice change for an hour, but after that it got a bit trying. Hubby seemed quite happy sitting around catching nothing, but Helen thought things would perk up somewhat if she went for a brisk walk.

It perked up for us when she met our photographer on the way, and Helen had fun doing some pin-ups. The fish popped up to see who owned those lovely legs and hubby suddenly found his float in the middle of plenty. So, he had a perky day too.