Margaret Wade

Country Girl

There is an eternal attraction about the countryside which has such an appeal for town dwellers that many of them want to give up counting traffic lights and buy a country cottage.

Many of them do just that and when they're in the cottage they're ready to let the country atmosphere caress them into a kind of soporific bliss.

Two weeks later they're writing letters to their town friends asking them to send an electric mixer or a set of drums. The quiet, they say, is killing them.

You have to be a lover of peace and quiet to settle down in a country cottage. MARGARET WADE wouldn't live anywhere else. Of course, she has a job that keeps her in close daily contact with hustle and bustle and comings and goings, and that removes any desire on her part to own a set of drums.

Margaret is a hotel receptionist.

She also owns a horse. It's much less technologically complicated than a car. She and a horse spend lovely week-ends riding around in all the peace and quiet.

So, if you buy a country cottage ask for a horse as well.