Ninon Cerdan

Madamoiselle , Your Slip Is Showing

It can't always be helped, in this age of short skirts, long legs and low cars, many a girl has been a vivid enchantment to the male eye as she alighted from her auto in the high street.

When NINON CERDAN, Continental fashion model, asked to be put down at Henri Lavant's so that she could keep a hairdressing appointment, it was as much a pleasure as a courtesy for Henri to hasten forward and tactfully advise her that her slip was showing. Tactfully? What a fool.

Ninon had no alternative but to box the ears of the imbecile. Of course, her slip was showing. How could it not under the circumstances? But it was one thing for a lady to enchant the eyes of the passers-by and quite another for a fool of a man to mention the fact.

One looks but one doesn't say anything.

Except perhaps— “Ah, madamoiselle, you are looking lovelier than ever today."