Maria Assin

Bunny Girl

You don’t have to dress up in one of those bunny outfits with a pom-pom tail to be a bunny girl, you only need to be fond of rabbits.

You keep them in a nice dry hutch and feed them lettuce. MARIA ASSIN was out the other day looking for some cute baby bunnies to take home, and as we were out looking for conkers we bumped heads with her round a tree.

“What I don’t understand,’’ said Maria as she posed for us, “is why you need a camera when you’re looking for conkers.”

“Well, we snap them first to see if they’re photogenic.”

“I’ve never heard of photogenic conkers,” said Maria.

“They’re the ones that come out well in close-up.”

“I hope you know what you’re talking about,” said Maria.

Cute girl, Maria. She’s a charge clerk, nineteen years old, with statistics of 36 "-24 "-36".