Carole Marsden

How’s Your Temperature

Only a few months ago CAROLE MARSDEN was a nurse, brisk, bright and beautiful.

It was always dreamy to have her ask, “How’s your temperature?’’

And it was always on the cards that the man with the broken leg would answer. “I think it’s gone over the top.’’

Alas, the patients woke up one day to find those sweet confrontations with Nurse Marsden were over, for Nurse Marsden had left to become a model.

Carole transferred from Yorkshire to London, where she now lives and works. For escapism, she turns to music, both pop and classical. She’s also very fond of animals and will often take a neighbour’s dog for a walk. One day when she’s rich and famous she’s going to buy a penthouse and keep the loveliest little doggie she can find.