Anne Mattingley

On The Doorstep

ANNE MATTINGLEY is a firm believer in fresh air. So, of course, the first thing she docs when she tumbles out of bed in the morning is to sit on the doorstep and do her breathing exercises.

After she's touched her toes a few times she feels a new girl. What was wrong with the old one? Nothing, as far as we can see. Everything looks in fine shape, at 37-23-38.

Anne Mattingley

Mind The Steps

It’s ANNE MATTINGLEY who’s having trouble with the steps during her week-end choring.

Anne, a bachelor girl, can get tangled with a pair of steps as prettily as any other brunette. If you don’t believe it, send us photographs to illustrate exactly why you don’t.

Anne Mattingley

All Soaped Up

It's ANNE MATTINGLEY who’s getting herself into a lather over the household chores

Actually, Anne was doing very well until she slipped on the soap and ended up exactly where it most hurts. And where it was most wet.

All soaped up. Anne decided she might as well give her skirt its weekly tub.

Anne, a London typist, has more than one skirt, however. That doesn't mean she's rich, only well-equipped.

We like both skirts. So, does the milkman who spotted them on his way round to deliver the midday milk