Dawn Williams

When It’s Warm

Did you read what that lady feature writer said about our girls during our last heat-wave? She said that when it’s warm we suddenly become a nation of strippers on the female side. Juxta-positioned with her article was an announcement that when the weather’s warm our influx of tourists goes up umpteen per cent.

There’s a rapid conclusion to be drawn.

It must all be to do with lovely girls like DAWN WILLIAMS, for when it got very warm Dawn felt she just didn’t need a topcoat. Picture of a sudden increase in our influx of tourists popping quickly through the customs to see Dawn without her topcoat and so on.

Apart from ail the trivial side issues connected with weather, Dawn is a secretary who lives in London.

Dawn Williams

Dawn Rose Rather Late

With a modelling appointment for half-past ten in the morning at Portsmouth, it was unfortunate for DAWN WILLIAMS that the mechanics of her wonky alarm clock broke down during the night. Dawn rose rather late.

The photographer, however, was ever so decent. As they couldn't make Portsmouth in time he said how about stopping off near Guildford and doing some lovely countryside shots instead, and Dawn said she couldn't think of anything more rapturous.

It was hard luck on the Portsmouth naval types, however. They'd have appreciated seeing Dawn around.