Kathryn Jenkins

Peace and Quiet

When shop assistant KATHRYN JENKINS takes a day off she likes to get away from the noise and the bustle of her work. The customers love Kathryn, of course, especially the young men who, even if they don’t want to buy anything, pop in to ask her the time.

In the peace and quiet of the countryside around her home town, Coventry, Kathryn can listen to nothing noisier than the swish of the sickle and the buzz of the bees. The occasional farmer’s boy might come along and say “Well, Oi’ll be struck dumb,” but so might anyone spotting Kathryn with her lovely legs and her figure of 38-22-36.

Kathryn Jenkins

Glamour in the Shop

Shop assistant KATHRYN JENKINS is eighteen and saving up to get married. So, in her spare time she does a little modelling, which helps to give a rosy look to her savings account. She lives in Coventry but when she's married she wants to live in the country.

In the shop where she works there's an atmosphere of glamour, what with it specialising in ladies' lingerie and Kathy being around to serve. Sometimes a blushing young husband will come in with the idea of buying his enchanting young wife something lovely and frilly for her birthday. Kathy will say, “Can I help you, sir?”

He'll twitch a bit and say, “Well er—I thought of buying my wife something rather er er—you know—well, it's her birthday and she looks nice in something rather er er—”

“Of course, sir," Kathy will say with a smile to knock him unconscious, “I'll show you something ever so er er, shall I?” And out come all the goodies.

She's a lovely shop assistant and has a stunning figure of 38 -22 -36.