Marrianne Sand

The Mini Strikes Again

Once more the mini in its brevity strikes the eye with an impact that almost hurts.

The girl is MARRIANNE SAND, a blue-eyed blonde from London. She's twenty-three, a dancer and an absolute dream. She likes suntan, champagne and messing about with boats.

She wears her jeans when she's sailing. The only time she wore a mini all the competing yachtsmen fell overboard.

Outside of boats Marrianne is lovely to have around, because she's not just a pretty face, you know. She can cook, make conversation and pass an opinion.

In other words, if you've got a girl friend who is only a pretty face, try one who can activate your intelligence.

I don't want my intelligence activated, said Fred, I just want a pretty face.

There's no one who needs a pretty face more than you do, Fred.