Susanne Berger

In The Classical Mould

If you’re thinking of a classically typical German girl, then you’ve probably got your mind on a blue-eyed blonde.

Built very attractively in this classical mould is West Berlin secretary SUSANNE BERGER. You might also have a weakness for a dark-haired, flashing-eyed Italian girl, in which case your weakness embraces the best Europe can offer.

We can’t give you Susanne’s telephone number, but anytime you’re going to West Berlin you know what to look for. Golden hair, deep blue eyes and a lovely way of getting into a taxi. So, keep your eyes open for taxis and watch the fares and you never know your luck. Carry a bunch of flowers as Susanne dotes on bouquets.

But mind you don’t get a punch in the eye from her boyfriend. He’s got biceps of iron